Abdoul Karim BarryEngineer-SystemMicrocred Group

Managing more than 1000 mobile devices (smartphones & tablets) every day was a challenge for Microcred Group. Mobile Device Manager Plus helped us overcome the hurdle. This robust solution enables us to centralize all mobile devices on the same console as a web-portal which is segmented by countries. The access for local IT teams in each country is restricted to the mobile devices in their respective country, ensuring better security.

Mobile Device Manager Plus is a must-have tool for today’s smart IT administrators. Features like silent-installation of apps, AfW and geotracking make my life as an administrator much easier. Thanks to MDMP, pushing our APKs to managed devices has become a child's play. Their support is outstanding - technicians quickly diagnose and solve the problem. I would happily recommend this product to any IT department!

Raf VerbeeckICT Director Armonea NVBelgium

Armonea is one of the largest private care organisations for elderly care in Belgium and among the top ten players in Europe. We provide care for 15,000+ residents.

This means that for every solution we adopt, there are several criteria:

  • The functional result should be what our teams expect to provide the excellent care we stand for
  • The partner should be reliable and able to support an organisation of our size both in sales and in support
  • Pricing always has to be best-in-the-market.

When we went looking for a solution for mobile device management 2.5 years ago, we obviously started with all of the well known brands only to conclude they provided products which were too expensive, too elaborate and too complex to deploy and maintain.

Also, some of the reviewed products would only work with one or a few brands of mobile devices. Not so with Mobile Device Manager Plus.

This product currently manages our devices divided over 84 physical locations in Belgium without a glitch.

The system was easy to deploy and for the few questions we had, the supplier’s helpdesk was always there to help us in a short period of time.

Furthermore, the product only costs a fraction of what the competition charges.

So, yes, I was very happy with the product in the beginning, I still am after a couple of years of use (and a few easy upgrades later) and if I had to start all over again, I’d go for Mobile Device Manager Plus any day of the week.

S.SelvamIT ManagerIndia Cements

When we went in search of a Mobile Device Management software, we evaluated multiple MDM products based on our requirement. We wanted to manage our mobile devices enabled with a private APN SIM and found that Mobile Device Manager Plus was one of the only products that supported our need.

In particular, our mobile devices are connected to our Local Area Network through a private APN GPRS SIM to facilitate access to our web-based ERP application which is hosted at our private network and isn't publicly accessible. Also, none of the devices have internet access to communicate with the MDM server. Unlike other MDM solutions, ManageEngine's Mobile Device Manager Plus is able to manage devices without internet access. (It requires internet only for device-enrollment.)

Mobile Device Manager Plus has the best features like the Kiosk Mode: that enables us to restrict users to a set of allowed apps (device lock-down) which will help save a lot of battery-life of the devices, App Blacklisting & Whitelisting, App Catalog: to publish your corporate apps, Device Grouping, Group-based Profile management and Webclips: to provide instant access for your URL-based applications,etc.

Manage Engine's Mobile Device Manager Plus is the best in-class product for both Cloud and On-Premises.

Subhanil BanerjeeManager - IT InfrastructureABP Pvt. Ltd

ABP is into Media and Broadcasting. We reach the homes of millions of our viewers and readers in the form of TV channels and news print media. Unlike other organizations, we tremendously focus on new technologies. We have also partially moved our systems to a cloud environment already. Our employees have been using handheld devices configured with all our business applications and this ensures that our people stay connected and respond to emergencies even in the wee hours. Allowing access to business-critical data on private devices is not safe, there could be cases of devices getting lost or stolen. This way, all critical organizational data is prone to get into the wrong hands. So, whether to allow access to business data outside office-premises was a vital call we had to take. Any device which contained such vital information had to be handled with utmost care and control.

We finally decided to take the plunge and so we scrupulously started searching for a mechanism which could ensure foolproof security and control over these handheld mobile devices. We were already using Endpoint Central, a ManageEngine product. We did a POC for MDM. Every single concern of ours was addressed in that POC and thus we took our first successful step by implementing Mobile Device Manager Plus in our organization. We incorporated every single phone into MDMP's management, thus enabling us to configure all our business applications into the devices without any worry. MDMP's breadth of support and platform-independence helped us a lot as we could control Windows, Android and Apple devices using the same dashboard.

Previously, we used to face a lot of incidents where our employees lost their devices. But now, thanks to Mobile Device Manager Plus, we can either recover these devices with their Geo-tracking feature and location-history, or in worst-case scenarios we can now remote wipe the data. I am very thankful to the ManageEngine team for helping us in this regard.

I would also like to write a note of thanks to the support team, as every time we faced any challenge, they readily helped us in every possible manner.

Mike GillanICT ManagerCitizens Advice and Rights Fife

ManageEngine’s Mobile Device Manager Plus was one of the three products we looked at to fulfill our need to manage smartphones, tablets, and (in the near-future) laptops. ManageEngine’s product very quickly became the favourite as it fulfilled the most important requirements, despite the other two products being far bigger players in the market.

Our organisation is a registered charity. Like most registered charities we operate rather leanly. The IT service in particular is under-resourced and we need to utilise products which do their job as intended, in the simplest manner, with minimal issues and at a good price point. Our charity’s clients entrust to us a great deal of personal data. As such the product chosen also had to allow us to locate the device, allow remote wiping or lock the device, allow remote passcode resetting and provide full details on the state of the device. ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus does this and more:

  • Simple setup: The setup was quick and simple. Any product that can have you up and running in such a short period of time is highly beneficial.
  • Simple to deploy: Deploying to devices was far quicker than with other products and was very easy to do. This meant the amount of time required to go from unboxing to deploying was extremely short.
  • Cloud based: The ability to choose between on premises and cloud is really nice, we went with cloud and have had no access issues or problems with responsiveness.
  • Console: The management console is well laid out, clear and easy to use.
  • Documentation: The online help is clear and accessible. It’s surprising how often this aspect of a product is overlooked, but ManageEngine has done a good job with it.
  • Support: The always available live chat service within the management console is a great facility. If you can’t find the answer or have a problem, there’s always someone to ask.
  • Pricing: Initially the number of devices we have deployed is quite low, but that number will increase quite a bit over the next couple of years. Pricing is competitive and is the icing on the cake.
  • ManageEngine personally reached out to me for my feedback; I conveyed to them what I felt was missing and they took that on board and are looking to integrate more features in the future which I find very encouraging.

Mobile Device Manager Plus is the first ManageEngine product I’ve used and I have the feeling I’ll be using a lot more of their products in the future.

Kim MashiyamaInformation Services Systems AdministratorHPM Building Supply

HPM Building Supply is a 100 percent employee-owned building materials and home planning services provider based in Hawaii. HPM is Hawaii's leading source of building with over 95 years of experience and eight locations state wide.

As an information services systems administrator in a small six-member team, I handle device configurations and patching for my organization. We use ManageEngine to manage a mixed bag of around 145 mobile devices, which contain both personal and corporate-owned Android (mainly Samsung and Zebra devices) and iOS devices. 

While looking for a unified endpoint management solution, we researched several companies, created a matrix of features we prioritized, and finally zeroed in on ManageEngine, because it checked most of the boxes and was reasonably priced. Some of the features for easier device management and security that we were looking for that ManageEngine offered were:

  • Erasing corporate data or complete device wipe on lost or stolen devices
  • Enforcing security policies for PINs, encryption, and lock screens
  • Preventing users from installing unauthorized apps
  • Maintaining the device inventory with device details like hardware information, OS versions, and phone numbers

The features that we like most are Groups/Profiles and remote support. Groups enables us to segregate our devices and deploy Profiles, which are policies to ensure users don't use corporate devices as their personal phones. With eight locations to manage, the remote troubleshooting feature has proven useful for troubleshooting remote devices.

ManageEngine has been a time saver and has simplified device setup by enabling us to add devices to groups; it also handles the distribution of appropriate apps and policies. It gave us the capability to configure apps like Outlook so all that the user needs to do is enter their password to access corporate emails.