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Supported OS for MDM

A Single Pane of Glass to Manage Multiple OS

Mobile Device Management

A 360* MDM Support for Mobile Devices

Enroll devices swiftly

Provides easy facilitation to enroll multiple mobile devices simultaneously

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Intuitive Dashboard

Provides an overview of the entire device ecosystem available in enterprise

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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Configure profiles 

Configures profiles to impose policies such as Wi-Fi and VPN

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Keep an eye on assets

Tracks complete visibility on the devices in the network

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Application Management

Perform Seamless App Distribution and Management
MDM - App Distribution

Distributing apps made easy

Mobile Device Manager Plus enables you to perform app distribution and management to any number of devices be it iOS, Android or Windows effortlessly by distributing both in-house and store apps to devices, getting the status of the deployed apps and much more

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MDM - App Security

Free Devices, Secure Data

Mobile Device Manager Plus helps you in customizing the criteria that could filter the apps and ensure the regulated apps are allowed to access data with features such as black and white list of apps and analyse complete information about specific app installed in the device.

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MDM - App Inventory

Keep an eye on App inventory

Mobile Device Manager Plus let's you fetch granular level details of apps that is being accessed by users and lets you to take decisive actions such as viewing the list of apps and their installation count on mobile devices, generating reports based on apps available in the device, etc.

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Security Management

Foolproof Security Management for Corporate Data
MDM - Data leak prevention

Data is at risk? Just wipe it

Performs actions such as data wipe, remote lock and generate reports

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MDM - Email Management

 Protect Mobile Emails

 Provides convenient and secure access to enterprise's mobile emails

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MDM - Geo Location Tracking

Geo Location Tracking

Execute actions such as jail-break detection and geo location tracking

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MDM - Network Protection

 Secured Access Network

 Role-based device usage permissions and selective access to corporate accounts

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Bring Your Own Device Management
BYOD - Policy Configuration

Define and devise profile strategies

Policies to distinguish between corporate-owned and employee-owned devices

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BYOD - Manage Apps

Create a vault to secure data

Allow/disallow commercial apps carried by employees in the corporate premises

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BYOD - IT Approval

Provision only selective accounts

Selective access to corporate accounts like email, Wi-Fi; based on requirement

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BYOD - Device Management

Manage multiple devices proactively

Wide array of devices such as tablets, phablets and smart phones

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