Free Mobile Device Management Solution for up to 25 mobile devices

Free MDM solution

Free Mobile Device Management(MDM) solutions can often fulfil the MDM needs of small and medium businesses by facilitating management of a limited number of devices. ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus is one of the few free MDM solutions in the market that provides free mobile device management capabilities for upto 25 devices in an organization's network. This serves as an ideal free MDM software for small and medium businesses as it offers a wide range of MDM capabilities for free forever for upto 25 devices. Many small businesses that are looking for an free Android MDM can benefit from using Mobile Device Manager Plus as it supports extensive device management capabilities for Android devices. In addition to being a free MDM for Android, ManageEngine MDM is also a free Apple MDM that provides iOS MDM capabilities for free.

The best part ManageEngine MDM is that, it is a free MDM tool that begins with a privileged 30-day trial for managing unlimited devices, which would automatically convert into a free mobile device management software for upto 25 devices once the trial ends. All the devices enrolled in the free mdm remain under management even once the MDM free trial ends, thereby ensuring continued management of devices. If you're looking for an MDM software to manage more that 25 devices, you can check out the ManageEngine MDM pricing by clicking here.

How can the free MDM software be deployed?

This free mdm solution is available both on cloud and on-premises. Organizations can choose to deploy Mobile Device Manager Plus as their free mobile device management solution, either on their servers or host it in our secure state-of-the-art servers.

What are the features available in the free MDM solution?

The Free edition of Mobile Device Manager Plus is a fully-functional free MDM solution that also serves as a free android MDM and free iOS MDM, and enables organizations to simplify the management of devices with all it's comprehensive free mobile device management features. These include:

  • Simple mobile device enrollment
  • Profile configuration and management
  • Mobile application management
  • Mobile security management
  • Secure content distribution and management
  • Remotely troubleshoot mobile devices
  • Mobile OS update management 
  • Complete asset management 
  • Conditional Exchange Access (CEA) for managed mobile devices (available only on-premises)
  • Secure e-mail access and management
  • Containerization and BYOD management

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus Free MDM Edition: Supported OS

  • iOS/iPadOS
  • macOS
  • Android 
  • Windows 
  • Chrome OS
  • tvOS

Click here to try the free edition of Mobile Device Manager Plus and manage your organization's mobile devices for free today!