Creating Zoho Account for MDM Cloud

These are the steps, which needs to be performed before managing a mobile device:

ManageEngine MDM Cloud is powered by Zoho. Names like "Zoho" and "ManageEngine" are used interchangeably, however both Zoho and ManageEngine are divisions of Zoho Corporation.

Creating an account with MDM

The first thing you need to do, is to create an account with MDM. In fact this account is created with ZOHO, which in turn is used to access MDM. Registering your company details for account creation is only for your management purpose. Only the first user/Super admin is prompted to register the company details with Zoho.

Sign Up

You have to provide the following details to register your organization and sign up for the MDM account:

After filling in the above mentioned details, you get redirected to the MDM product. You can view the features supported and navigate across the product. You are also sent an email, to confirm the registration before enrolling any device.

Account Verification

Admin/First user has to accept the mail sent from MDM and confirm the account creation. Once you have successfully verified your MDM account, then you can start enrolling devices and adding technicians. When you start enrollment process, users are sent two emails, one would be to join the organization and the second to accept the enrollment invitation. When technicians are added, they receive an invite, to join the organization. Joining the organization, authenticates you to access MDM account.


You can login to Mobile Device Manager, by accessing this URL : and signing in with your login credentials.

Inviting Technicians

You can choose to invite technicians to manage mobile devices. Refer to this Inviting Technicians


1. Is my personal and company information secure?

Yes, all your personal and company data are secure and cannot be accessed by anyone, including our employees.

2. Can anyone access my personal data stored on MDM server?

No one can access your personal data, it can be accessed only with your login credentials.

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