Chromebook Enterprise Enrollment: How to enroll Chromebooks?


With Chromebooks establishing a strong foothold in organizations, there is a pertinent need to manage these devices. The first step for their management is to register or enroll Chromebooks with MDM.


How to enroll Chromebooks with MDM?

Follow the steps below to enroll a chromebook with MDM:

If you face issues while enrolling a Chromebook, refer to these troubleshooting tips and try enrolling again.

You can also ensure mandated Chromebook enterprise enrollment with MDM, even if the Chromebook is wiped by configuring this restriction.

Sample CSV Format

  1. The fields Serial Number, User Name, Email Address and Group Name are mandatory. All the other fields are optional. Ensure the specified group name is already created in the MDM server. If values are not provided, default values will be taken.
  2. The default values for various non-mandatory fields are: 
    Domain Name -- MDM
    Owned By -- Corporate
  3. Devices can be added to multiple groups upon enrollment. If multiple groups are specified, the group names must be separated with a slash (/)
  4. The first line of the CSV is the column header and the columns can be in any order.
  5. Blank column values should be comma separated.
  6. If the column value contains comma, it should be specified within quotes.
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