Android WiFi

Android WiFi

You can configure the WiFi settings, which needs to be distributed to the devices. After configuring the WiFi settings, the profile needs to be associated to the devices/groups.


Profile Specification



Wireless Network identification

Specify the name of your WiFi network

Automatically join network

Enabling this option, will allow the device to automatically join the WiFi network

Security type

Choose the security type as None/WEP/WPA/WPA2 PSK/ 802.1x EAP


Specify the Password if you have chosen the security type as WEP / WPA/WPA2 PSK

EAP Method

If you have chosen the security type as 802.1x EAP, then you need to specify the type of authentication as PEAP/TLS/TTLS/ EAP PWD

Phase 2 Authentication

Specify the Phase 2 Authentication type as PAP/MSCHAP/MSCHAPV2/GTC


Using %UserName% will fetch the appropriate user name mapped with the device. You can also specify a user name if you wanted to distribute this profile to one device. If you distribute a profile by providing a user name to more than one device, then all the devices will try to establish WiFi connectivity with the same user name.

Anonymous Identity

If you do not want to disclose the user name mapped with the device, while establishing the WiFi connection then you can use anonymous user name. Anonyms user name will use a dummy, anonymous identity to establish the connection


Choose the existing Global Certificate or add a Global certificate to authenticate the device in order to establish the WiFi connectivity. This will work only if the WiFi certificate is configured in the WiFi server. User specific certificates will be supported soon

Configure Proxy

Proxy Type

Choose the type of proxy as "None" or "Manual". If you choose the proxy type as "None", then no proxy is required. If you choose to specify the proxy as manual, then you will have to fill in the details mentioned below


Specify the proxy server name


Specify the port number

Bypass URL

Specify the url's which should not be routed via proxy


You have successfully configured the WiFi profile.


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