Customize ME MDM App

Customize ME MDM App


Distributing ME MDM App to the managed iOS devices

If you want to detect jail-broken iOS devices or wish to use 'Geo Tracking' feature to track the location of managed iOS devices, the ME MDM App must be present on the devices. Enabling the option "Distribute ME MDM App to the managed iOS devices" will automatically distribute the ME MDM App to all the managed iOS devices. You can also configure the mail template for distributing the App if required.


If you have to manage android devices, it is required to configure the ME MDM App settings. This App will be installed in all the managed mobile devices. You can customize the following:

Profile Settings

Every time you distribute a profile with a few policies and restrictions to some devices,  the end user will be notified to accept the Policy. This can be customized by specifying a time limit for the end user to accept the policy. If the policy is not installed within the specified time, then the policy will be moved under Violated Policies. If the user accepts the policy, then it will be moved under Imposed Polices.

Managing ME MDM App

You can customize the ME MDM App settings like allowing user to remove App, hiding the App from the managed device, etc.

Allowing user to remove ME MDM App (this is applicable only for SAFE devices)

If the user removes ME MDM App from the device, it will cause the device to be unmanaged i.e., IT Admin will no longer be able to manage the user's mobile device as ME MDM App is mandatory for device management. In case you still wish to allow users to remove ME MDM App, you can also specify the deactivation message that needs to be displayed if the end user removes the ME MDM App.

Hiding ME MDM App on device

You can choose to hide the ME MDM App on the user's mobile device. In that case, the users will not be able to download the Apps present in the App Catalog of ME MDM App.

Rebranding ME MDM App

If you want to use your enterprise's logo as the icon for ME MDM App or rename the ME MDM App, then you  can use this feature. ME MDM App can be re-branded, the display name of the App can be renamed, App icon can be modified and even the startup screen image can be customized.

 Follow the steps mentioned below to rebrand ME MDM App:

  1. Click  MDM Tab

  2. Under Settings click ME MDM App

  3. Under Rebrand ME MDM App, specify the name, for the App (This feature will work only for devices running Android 4.4 and later versions)

  4. Browse to upload the image, which appears as the icon of the App

  5. Browse to upload the Startup Screen image.

  6. Click Save Changes

You can now see that ME MDM App is now rebranded to your choice.


Allowing user to delete MDM Workspace account

In case the user no longer requires the device or leaves the organization, it is necessary to remove all your enterprise details from the mobile device. When this option is enabled, users can delete the ME MDM Workspace account on the device.
If you allow users to delete ME MDM Workspace account from the device, you will no longer be able to manage the mobile device. Hence, if you wish to continue managing the mobile device, it is recommended to disable this option.


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