MDM Creating Profiles

MDM Creating Profiles

Creating Profiles

Profiles are created to impose one or more policies and restrictions to the managed devices/groups. You need to create separate profiles for iOS, Android and Windows devices respectively. An iOS profile cannot be distributed to the Android or Windows group and vice versa. Follow the steps mentioned below to create a profile.

  1. Select MDM tab

  2. Click  Profiles from the left pane

  3. Click Create Profile and choose the platform as iOS, Android or Windows, for which you wanted to create the profile.
    Provide the below mentioned basic information:

    1. Name of the Profile: Unique name to identify the profile

    2. Description: A brief description about the profile

    3. Allow Users to Remove Profiles (This is applicable only for iOS devices) :  Enabling this option provides the permission for the end user to remove the profiles. If the end user removes the profile, then all the policies applied through the profile will be removed.

    4. Customize Profile for (This is applicable only for Android) : In case of KNOX devices, apart from creating profile for Device, profiles can be created for KNOX containers by choosing the option KNOX Container. For all other Android devices, choose the option Device to create profile for devices.

  4. Click Continue

  5. Under Define Profile from the left pane, select the configuration profile (iOS / Android / Windows ) and define the policies and restrictions of the profile. You will have to save the individual configurations before you move on to the next configuration within the same profile.

  6. After specifying the required configurations, click Publish.

    A published profile is not applied to any of the devices until they are associated to the devices or groups.

Modifying a Profile

To modify a profile,

  1. Select MDM tab and click Profiles from the left pane

  2. Under Profiles tab, you can view the list of all the profiles that have been created already.

  3. Click    icon under the Actions column, of the profile that you wish to modify and change the required configurations. You can add or remove configurations from the profile.

  4. After making the required changes, click Save to save the changes.

  5. Click Publish to save the changes made to the Profile.

When a profile is modified and published, it is not applied to the devices to which they were applied before. A new version of the profile is listed, you can upgrade the latest version to the group, so that the current members of the group will have the latest version of the profile applied to them.  The previous version of profile will be overwritten by the latest version.  


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