MDM Viewing Device Information

MDM Viewing Device Information

Viewing Details of the Managed Devices

The following steps will explain you to view the details of the devices that are managed.

  1. Click  MDM Tab

  2. Under Inventory Section Click on Devices

Scanning will be initiated from the Mobile Device Manager Plus server, iOS and Android devices will be scanned immediately if they are reachable through internet. Windows devices will contact the Mobile Device Manager Plus server only during the scheduled interval and the scanning will be initiated only when the device reaches the Mobile Device Manager Plus server.

As soon as scanning is completed, all the details like, device name, platform, OS version, Product name etc. You will also be able to identify Jail broken devices (iOS) and rooted devices (Android, SAFE and KNOX). All the Apps that are installed on the devices will be listed (AET should be uploaded in the Mobile Device Manager Plus server to fetch App details from Windows devices).  

In case it is a KNOX supported device, the details such as KNOX status, Container status and KNOX Version will be listed. You can identify all the Installed Apps in both the KNOX device and container. Also, all Restrictions will be listed separately for the device and KNOX Container.


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