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Chrome Browser Management

With Chrome browser being the primary means of interaction with the Internet as well as enterprise applications, IT admins would ideally want the Chrome browser to be managed, ensuring maximum productivity and security. Managed Chrome browser grants various level of restrictions and configurations, ensuring users have a dedicated managed Chrome browser profile pertaining to the enterprise needs.

Profile Description

Profile Specification Description
Incognito Mode Allow/Restrict using Incognito mode on Chrome
Pop-ups Allow/Block displaying of pop-ups on Chrome. You can optionally leave this configuration to be manually configured by users as well.
URLs to be allowed/restricted from showing pop-ups(Can be configured only if Pop-ups is configured as Restrict) Specify the URLs which are to permitted/blocked from showing pop-ups
Safe Browsing Allow/Restrict safe browsing on Chrome
Save Browser History Allow/Restrict saving Chrome browsing history
Delete Browser History Allow/Restrict deleting Chrome browsing history
Bookmarks Allow/Restrict using bookmarks on Chrome
Modifying Bookmarks Allow/Restrict modification of bookmarks on Chrome.
Browser Homepage Specify what is to be displayed on the browser homepage.
URLs to be opened on startup(Can be configured only if Browser Homepage is configured as show specific URL) Allow/Restrict modification of bookmarks on Chrome.
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