You can define the parameters for creating a passcode and configure the passcode settings. Setting up passcode policy on the device, automatically sets a passcode to the Apple Watch when paired with the device.This policy is supported for macOS in addition to iOS devices.

Some organizations that use Apple devices for POS, would require the passcode to be disabled on the device. You can ensure that the user is not prompted to enter a passcode for the devices by disabling Allow passcode to be set on the device.

Learn more about passcode restrictions here


Profile Settings


Passcode Profile Settings

Allow simple value

Permit the usage of repeating ascending and descending character sequence. Allowing this ensures you can have passcodes such as 1111/aaaa etc., on the device.

Require Alphanumeric value

Usage of alphanumeric value

Minimum passcode length

Minimum length allowed as passcode

Minimum number of complex characters

Minimum number of complex characters needed for passcode.

Maximum passcode age

Maximum passcode age from 1 to 730 days

Maximum idle time allowed before auto-lock

Time limit allowed for the device to be idle before the screen locks.If the specified duration is not supported by the device OS, the duration closest(and supported by the device OS) to the one specified here is selected automatically. This configuration is overriden, if Auto-lock option is configured in Kiosk and both profiles are distributed to the same device.

Number of passcodes to be maintained in history

The number of passcodes to be maintained in history. The user cannot repeat the passcodes saved in the history.

Maximum time to unlock device without passcode

The maximum time the device can be unlocked without a passcode after screen timeout. If the time is set as 5 minutes, the user can unlock the device for 5 minutes without the passcode, after which the passcode will be needed to unlock the device.

Maximum number of failed attempts

Maximum number attempts before all data in the device to be erased


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