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Associating Profiles to Devices

MDM profiles can be associated with devices. A managed device can have more than one profile associated to it. To associate a profile to the device,

  1. On the web console, navigate to Groups and Devices
  2. Select the Devices tab. This will list all the devices that have been enrolled.
  3. Select the devices based on the platform, to which you wanted to associate a profile and click Associate Profile

The Available Profiles will list all the profiles that have been published. If you have modified a profile and published, the latest version of the profile will only be listed here. Select the profiles that you wish to associate and move them to Added Profiles and Click Save Changes. If you select Android devices, only Android Profiles will be listed when you click on associate profile and vice versa. You will not be able to select multiple devices with different platforms while associating any profile.

When a Profile is associated to any device, the profile gets applied automatically if the device is reachable. Any time, a profile is removed from a managed device, all the restrictions applied to it will be removed automatically. If a profile was associated to a group and a new device is added to a group via enrollment, the new device will get all the profiles associated to it automatically. Similarly if any Device to which a profile has been applied is removed from the Group, the installed profile will not be removed automatically.

When a profile is associated to an iOS device or Android SAFE and KNOX devices, then the profile gets applied to the device immediately. When a profile is associated to the Android device (other than SAFE and Knox), the profile will be listed under Polices and Restrictions Tab in the managed mobile device. The end user needs to accept the profile within a time, specified by the system administrator. If the end user accepts the profile, then it will be listed under Imposed Policies. If the end user does not accept the profile, then it will be listed under Violated Policies. If you try to associate a SAFE or Knox profile like Email or Exchange Active Sync to a normal Android device, the status of the profile will be displayed as Succeeded, but the remarks will be updated as Profile Not Applicable.

In case of Knox devices, device profile will get associated to the device whereas the Knox container profile will get associated to the container within the device

When a profile is distributed to Windows device, it will not be applied immediately. Profiles will be applied to the devices, only when the device contacts the Mobile Device Manager Plus server. As soon as the profile is distributed, the status will be updated as initiated, the status will be modified only when the mobile device reaches the Mobile Device Manager Plus server.

Disassociating Profiles from Devices

You can disassociate the profile from the Groups. When you disassociate a profile from the group all the restrictions applied using that profile will be reverted from the Devices. You can disassociate a Profile from the Devices / KNOX container by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. On the web console, navigate to Groups and Devices
  2. Select the Devices tab.
  3. Click the name of the Device and choose the Profile that you want to disassociate.
  4. Click button to disassociate the profile from the Device.

As soon as a profile being disassociated from the Group / Devices / KNOX Container, all the restrictions that have been applied using the profile will be reverted automatically.

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