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Windows Shared PC mode

MDM helps IT administrators to configure Shared PC mode for Windows devices which allows multiple users to use a single device with controlled access and personalized experience. Imagine a company with multiple shifts, and each shift has different employees using the same computers at different times. Managing multiple employees sharing the same device becomes challenging for IT administrators. MDM solves this problem through Shared PC mode which offers dedicated spaces for each employee. This ensures quick transitions between sessions with individual profiles and utilization of limited devices effectively. This policy is applicable for devices running Windows 10 and above versions.

Profile Description

Profile Specification Description
Allowed accounts Select what type of accounts should be allowed for Shared PC mode.
Account deletion policy Select when the accounts should be deleted from the device.
Disk caching threshold Specify the disk threshold at which account deletion should be stopped.
Disk deletion threshold Once the available disk space falls below the specified threshold, accounts will begin to be deleted.
Account manager Enable or disable Account Manager for Shared PC mode.
Account inactive threshold When the user account has not been logged on for the specified number of days, it will begin to be deleted.
Kiosk app AUMID Enter the AUMID of the app to be used on the Shared PC mode Kiosk.
Kiosk user display name Enter the username to be displayed on the Shared PC Kiosk screen.
Maintenance time Specify the start time of the maintenance hour on a daily basis.
Paging size Specify the maximum size of the paging file in MB.
Local storage Allow or restrict users from accessing the local storage on the device.
Educational policies Enable or Disable Educational policies on the device.
Power policies Enable or Disable Power policies on the device.
Resume sign-in If enabled, device requires sign in on waking up from sleep.
Sleep timeout Specify the duration of inactivity after which the device automatically enters sleep mode.


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