You can configure the Wi-Fi settings and proxy for windows phones running on Windows 8.1 and later versions.

Profile Specification


Wireless Network identification

Specify the name for the Wi-Fi

Automatically join network

Specify, if you wanted to allow the devices to automatically join the above mentioned network when it is reachable

Security type

Choose one of the following security type:

  1. None : You can choose this, if you do not want to secure the Wi-Fi connection. Devices will connect to the Wi-Fi without prompting for  password
  2. WPA2 PSK : By choosing this, you can ensure that only authenticated users will be able to connect the network.
  3. 802.1x EAP : This is considered to be most secure type of connection. 802.1x uses an authentication server to validate the users before establishing the connection.

EAP method

Specify the EAP method to be used. You can choose between PEAP and TLS.

Phase 2 Authentication (Can be configured only if EAP method is selected as PEAP

By default, MSCHAPv2 is the Phase 2 Authentication used.

CA Certificate

You can select or upload a CA certificate to authenticate the connection. In case the EAP method selected is PEAP, provide the certificate of the server authenticating the Wi-Fi connection. If it is TLS, then provide the certificate of the CA, which has issued the client certificate to be used for TLS. Also, ensure the User Principal Name(UPN) present in the client certificate must be the user name.

Configure Proxy                                                                                

Proxy Settings

You will have to specify the type of proxy as manual or automatic. If you specify the type as Automatic, you have to specify the Server URL. If you specify the type as Manual, you will have to specify the server name and port details

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