With distributed workforces becoming the new normal, extensive management of corporate apps has become more important than ever. Admins need to be able to efficiently deploy enterprise-approved store and in-house apps on devices, lock down corporate devices to only the essential apps, regulate the use of personal apps on corporate devices, and regularly update apps to the latest version without user intervention.

Mobile Device Manager Plus enables IT admins to seamlessly manage store and in-house apps across Apple, Android, Windows, and Chrome OS devices.

Here's how Mobile Device Manager Plus addresses your mobile application management challenges

Hassle-free app distribution

  • Purchase, manage, and deploy apps by integrating with Apple Business Manager, Android Enterprise, Windows Business Store, and Chrome Web Store.
  • Empower users to easily install essential apps by publishing an enterprise-approved app catalog on devices.
  • Reduce user intervention by automating store and in-house app installation.
  • Monitor app license usage by integrating with Apple Business Manager.
  • Provide easy access to business apps by customizing the Play Store layout.
  • Bundle legacy apps in MSIX format to enable modern app management.
  • Maintain an updated inventory of user installed and pre-installed apps for audit and compliance purposes.

Simplified app maintenance

  • Automate store app updates to ensure devices run the latest app versions.
  • Ensure app compatibility, and avoid bugs in enterprise apps by testing them before deployment.
  • Predefine app permissions and configurations to ensure apps are ready to use upon installation.
  • Simplify user authentication by enabling single sign-on for corporate apps.

Lock down devices to specific apps

  • Ensure devices run only a single app or a specific set of apps using Kiosk Mode.
  • Restrict access to settings and device functions.
  • Customize the layout of apps and web shortcuts on the device's home screen, and apply this configuration across devices for a consistent user experience.
  • Lock down iOS devices to a single app for a specific duration or until a task is completed.
  • Deploy a custom settings app on Android devices to grant access to enterprise-approved settings.

Stringent app protection policies

  • Disable or uninstall malicious and non-productive apps on devices.
  • Restrict unauthorized devices from accessing corporate apps.
  • Establish a secure, on-demand VPN tunnel for corporate apps on remote devices.
  • Delete corporate apps and data from non-compliant and lost or stolen devices.

Comprehensive support for bring your own device (BYOD)

  • Segregate corporate and personal data on employee's personal devices.
  • Maintain corporate data integrity by restricting access from personal apps.
  • Prevent data breaches by restricting third-party cloud backup.
  • Enforce security policies on Office 365 apps even when they're accessed from unmanaged devices.

Mobile Device Manager Plus is trusted by over 10,000 IT admins across the globe

Customer Testimonials

Abdoul Karim Barry Engineer-SystemMicrocred Group
Silent app installation is one of those features that IT admins dream of. With Mobile Device Manager Plus, we can silently install specific apps to select devices or to the entire group, without any user intervention. For example, we could create groups based on departments or designations, such as loan officer, portfolio manager, correspondents, and agents, and silently push the Portfolio Management APK only to the portfolio managers. Users (both customers and employees) have been really happy with the experience and the IT team got back its peace of mind
S.Selvam IT managerIndia Cements
Mobile Device Manager Plus has the best features like Kiosk Mode to restrict users to a set of allowed apps (device lockdown), which will help save a lot of battery life [on] the devices; app blacklisting and whitelisting; an app catalog to publish your corporate apps; device grouping; group-based profile management; web clips to provide instant access for your URL-based applications; and more. ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus is a best in-class product for both cloud and on-premises.

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