ManageEngine Positioned in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) Tools

ManageEngine is recognized as a Strong Performer in the Forrester Wave​: Unified Endpoint Management, Q4 2021

IDC MarketScape recognizes Zoho/ManageEngine as a Major Player in worldwide UEM software for the fourth consecutive year

Corporate-owned, purpose-built mobile devices are heavily used in enterprises, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, events, and airports and are often shared by multiple users to efficiently complete critical business operations. Since these devices are a major part of the organization’s day-to-day functioning, they must be optimally configured for their exclusive business functions.

Mobile Device Manager Plus is an enterprise mobility management solution that empowers organizations to configure mobile devices as purpose-built devices using its Kiosk Mode functionality. Additionally, it enables organizations to simplify the overall management of mobile devices and enhance their security across multiple operating systems.

Mobile Device Manager Plus transforms mobile devices to serve as:

Digital signage

Automated check-in systems

Point-of-sale devices

Self-service kiosks

Informational kiosks

Here's how ManageEngine's MDM simplifies the configuration and management of kiosks.

Single app mode

Single app mode enables devices to be restricted to only a single app.

  • Locking down devices to only one approved app helps businesses in the hospitality industry configure their self check-in devices with only the app required for guest check-ins.
  • Locking down iOS or iPadOS devices for a specific duration or until a specified task is completed allows educational institutions to restrict access to any other content on the device during an examination.
  • Enabling background apps without providing users any direct access to these apps permits logistics companies to enable navigation via a maps app while restricting end users from directly accessing the app.
  • Preconfiguring settings on devices and preventing users from modifying these settings ensures digital signage devices have the required media volume and brightness when deployed.
  • Tracking the battery level and charging status of devices and receiving alerts when the battery falls below a specific value enables retail stores to simultaneously monitor the battery levels of all their devices distributed across multiple store locations.
  • Troubleshoot issues in real time using remote control and remote chat commands to exit and enter Kiosk Mode.

Multi-app mode

Multi-app mode enables devices to be locked down to a set of approved apps while restricting access to other apps, settings, and device functions.

  • Locking down devices to a set of preapproved apps allows restaurants to enable apps for ordering and games for kids.
  • Granting access to legacy web apps without enabling a browser on the device lets airport kiosks be locked to a web app for displaying flight schedules and the airport map while preventing unauthorized browsing.
  • Enabling user-specific Kiosk Mode for a customized experience on shared Windows devices helps hospitals secure patient information and grant doctors access only to their respective patient files.
  • Customize the layout of apps and web shortcuts on the device's home screen, and apply this configuration across devices for a consistent user experience.
  • Deploy a custom settings app to grant users access to only approved settings.
  • Automate app and OS updates to ensure devices always run the latest versions.
  • Executing security commands on devices when they leave a specific geographical area helps financial institutions wipe the data on mobile devices that are used for transactions when they leave the premises.

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