The Knox Validated Program is an authentication program designed to simplify the selection process for organizations looking to manage Samsung devices by thoroughly testing unified endpoint management (UEM), enterprise mobility management (EMM), and mobile device management (MDM) vendors against a comprehensive set of criteria. It fully verifies and endorses solutions that support the latest features released by Samsung Knox such as Knox Mobile Enrollment and Knox Service Plugin.

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus is recognized by Samsung as a Knox Validated Partner for it's extensive support for the latest key features of Samsung Knox.

Latest features offered by Samsung Knox and it's benefits

Knox Mobile Enrollment

Knox Mobile Enrollment is a zero-touch enrollment portal offered by Samsung to simplify and automate the deployment of corporate devices. Mobile Device Manager Plus integrates with Knox Mobile Enrollment to provide over-the-air enrollment of devices. Once devices are activated, they're enrolled and ready to use with minimal user intervention.

Knox Service Plugin

Knox Service Plugin is an OEMconfig app developed by Samsung that provides access to advanced security configurations and restrictions. Mobile Device Manager Plus simplifies the distribution, installation, and configuration of the Knox Service Plugin app on devices to provide zero-day support for the latest Knox Platform for Enterprise features without requiring any additional integration.

With Mobile Device Manager Plus, organizations can:


  • Securely manage corporate and personally-owned devices across Apple, Android, Windows, and Chrome OS from a unified console.
  • Leverage automated out-of-the-box enrollment and authentication for corporate devices.
  • Enroll personal devices using email or SMS invites, or create a self-service portal for enrollment without requiring admin intervention.
  • Segregate devices into groups based on the organization's structure.


  • Seamlessly install, update, configure, and uninstall store and enterprise apps without user intervention.
  • Configure devices to run only authorized apps while restricting access to unauthorized apps.
  • Test enterprise apps on devices before deploying them in your production environment.
  • Securely share, view, and download business-critical content.


  • Enforce security configurations and restrictions to secure data at rest, in use, and in transit.
  • Containerize and secure corporate data on personal devices.
  • Automate and schedule OS updates to ensure devices run only on the approved OS versions.
  • Ensure only compliant devices have access to corporate Exchange accounts and Microsoft 365 apps.
  • Track device location in real time and achieve location-based compliance with geofencing.
  • Secure corporate data on misplaced, lost, or stolen devices using remote commands.


  • Schedule regular scans to maintain up-to-date inventory details and obtain actionable insights with over 15 predefined and custom reports.
  • Remotely troubleshoot issues on devices in real time.
  • Monitor the battery level of devices, and create alerts to be notified when devices fall below a specified battery level.


  • Decommission devices over-the-air by remotely wiping the corporate apps and data.
  • Simplify the reallocation of devices by reassigning users and moving devices between groups.
  • Temporarily unmanage corporate devices that are under repair to prevent unauthorized access.

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ManageEngine recognized in the Forrester Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) Wave Report 2019.

KuppingerCole has recognized ManageEngine as a Leader in its 2020 Leadership Compass for Unified Endpoint Management (UEM).

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