ManageEngine recognized in the Forrester Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) Wave Report 2019.

KuppingerCole has recognized ManageEngine as a Leader in its 2020 Leadership Compass for Unified Endpoint Management (UEM).

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Amidst the ongoing conversation on how to coexist with the COVID-19 pandemic, telecommuting is undoubtedly the way forward for many businesses. One of the major pain points in managing a remote business is that IT administrators lack visibility and control over devices accessing corporate networks and sensitive data, which can more easily be exposed to unauthorized personnel in work-from-home environments.

Mobile Device Manager Plus provides comprehensive capabilities to remotely fortify mobile devices and data security, both within and beyond the organization's premises.

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360° support for remote security management

  • Ensure complete security for your corporate data while providing privacy for users' personal data on employee-owned devices.
  • Prevent users from transferring data between managed apps and unmanaged apps, including clipboard data.
  • Mandate encryption to secure corporate data in mobile devices as well as storage devices such as SD cards.
  • Keep Mac machines even more secure by configuring FileVault encryption and firmware password policies.
  • Securely distribute corporate documents and media files to managed devices; remotely modify and delete them as well.
  • Pre-configure user-specific email and Exchange accounts using dynamic variables.
  • Enhance data privacy by encrypting email traffic in transit by configuring S/MIME.
  • Ensure only authorized apps can access and view email attachments.
  • Enforce passcode policies, as passwords are the first line of defense for devices.
  • Track the real-time geographical location of devices along with a history of locations traversed by them in a single map view.
  • Instantly raise alarms on misplaced or stolen devices using remote security commands. Lost Mode ensures devices are marked as lost and restricts access beyond their custom lock screen.
  • Automate OS updates, and never let a single security patch go unnoticed.
  • Troubleshoot issues on your employees' devices by remotely viewing or taking control of them.
  • Protect your devices and corporate networks against malware infiltration by allowlisting or blocklisting specific URLs using the Web Content Filter.
  • Automatically establish secure VPN connections between remote devices and your corporate network whenever users try to access corporate URLs.
  • Configure VPN only for specific apps that users need, with per-app VPN.
  • Simplify certificate-based authentication on managed devices by distributing user-specific client certificates in a scalable manner.
  • Monitor devices accessing your Exchange Server by configuring a Conditional Exchange Access policy.
  • Instantly detect and remove devices that fail the SafetyNet compliance check, and restrict devices that are jailbroken or rooted from accessing your corporate network.
  • Complete life cycle management of store apps as well as custom in-house apps with zero user intervention. Modify configurations and apply restrictions to apps, based on your requirement.
  • Prevent users from downloading third-party apps by restricting downloads only to authorized stores.
  • Test enterprise apps on test devices before deploying them in your production environment.
  • Lock down devices to run only those apps that users need with single-app and multi-app Kiosk modes.
  • Blocklist non-essential and malicious apps that do not meet your organization's compliance standards.
  • Prevent syncing of corporate data from managed apps to users' personal iCloud accounts.
  • Apply conditional access policies on users and devices trying to access corporate apps.
  • Configure the Office 365 MAM (Mobile Application Management) policy to secure corporate data within Office 365 applications, even on unmanaged devices.

Customer Testimonials

Raf VerbeeckICT Director at Armonea Group
This product currently manages our 1075 devices divided over 84 physical locations in Belgium without a glitch...The product only costs a fraction of what the competition charges...if I had to start all over again, I’d go for Mobile Device Manager Plus any day of the week.
Kim MashiyamaInformation Services Systems Administrator at HPM Building Supply
We use ManageEngine to manage a mixed bag of around 145 mobile devices, which contain both personal and corporate-owned Android (mainly Samsung and Zebra devices) and iOS devices...Some of the features for easier device management and security that we were looking for that ManageEngine offered were:
  • Erasing corporate data or complete device wipe on lost or stolen devices
  • Enforcing security policies for PINs, encryption, and lock screens
  • Preventing users from installing unauthorized apps
  • Maintaining the device inventory with device details like hardware information, OS versions, and phone numbers
Abdoul Karim BarrySystem engineer at Baobab (previously Microcred Group)
Managing more than 1000 mobile devices (smartphones & tablets) every day was a challenge for Microcred Group...Features like silent-installation of apps, AfW and geotracking make my life as an administrator much easier...The access for local IT teams in each country is restricted to the mobile devices in their respective country, ensuring better security.

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