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Remote access and actions for troubleshooting your mobile endpoints

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Troubleshoot remote devices seamlessly

Remote control for over 25 OEMs

Remotely control the screens of devices from over 25 brands with our proprietary technology.

Remote sharing for iOS and iPadOS

Remotely view the screens of iPhones and iPads for quick support.

Unattended remote access

Take control of POS devices, digital signage, and other kiosks.

Remote chat and commands

Chat with end users for easy communication and use shortcut commands to perform common actions, like clearing app data.

Remote actions

Scan, restart, shut down, and pause kiosks to diagnose and repair issues.

No setup required

Use our built-in tool with no additional cost or setup to ensure quick troubleshooting sessions.

Compliance and security

Mobile Device Manager Plus is a HIPAA-compliant and AES-256-encrypted remote troubleshooting solution for ultimate safety.

With Mobile Device Manager Plus, organizations can

Onboard and provision

  • Leverage automated, out-of-the-box enrollment and authentication for corporate devices.
  • Enroll personal devices using email or SMS invites, or create a self-service portal for enrollment without requiring admin intervention.
  • Separate devices into groups based on the platform and method of enrollment.
  • Seamlessly install, update, configure, and uninstall store and enterprise apps without user intervention.
  • Configure devices to run only authorized apps while restricting access to unauthorized apps.
  • Test multiple versions of enterprise apps on devices before deploying them in your production environment.
  • Securely share, view, and download business-critical content.


  • Enforce security configurations and restrictions to secure data at rest, in use, and in transit.
  • Containerize and secure corporate data on personal devices.
  • Automate and schedule OS updates to ensure devices run only on the approved OS versions.
  • Ensure only compliant devices have access to corporate Exchange accountsx and Microsoft, Zoho, and Google apps.
  • Track devices' locations in real time and achieve location-based compliance with geofencing.
  • Secure corporate data on misplaced, lost, or stolen devices using remote commands.

Maintain and retire

  • Schedule regular scans to maintain up-to-date inventory details and obtain actionable insights with over 15 predefined and custom reports.
  • Achieve unattended access on devices using the built-in remote control tool.
  • Monitor the battery level of devices and create alerts to be notified when devices fall below a specified battery level.
  • Decommission devices over the air by remotely wiping corporate apps and data.
  • Simplify the reallocation of devices by reassigning users and moving devices between groups.
  • Temporarily remove from management the corporate devices that are under repair to prevent unauthorized access.

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We have been using Mobile Device Manager Plus for over three years now and have effectively secured all our remote tablets. It takes the pain out of deploying apps and quite efficiently handles all our business requirements.

Peter Bailey Director and co-founder, eXPD8

With Mobile Device Manager Plus, we can silently install specific apps on select devices or for the entire group, without any user intervention.

Abdoul Karim Barry Systems engineer, Microcred Group

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MDM 101: The basics of remote device management explained

  • 1. What is remote device management?

    Remote device management is the process of monitoring, configuring, securing, and controlling the devices used for work from a remote console. Remote device management is often leveraged by IT admins to bring work devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, rugged and IoT devices under the umbrella of management. Once these devices are enrolled, admins can remotely provision them with the needed resources and even view or control them to sort out any technical issues.

  • 2. What is a good remote device management solution?

    Mobile Device Manager Plus is a comprehensive remote device management software that allows IT admins to take care of every aspect of a work device over-the-air and from one single console. Admins can enroll devices in a few clicks, and perform several device management tasks like app and content management, location tracking, enforcing device management profiles, and device control remotely through the Mobile Device Manager Plus console.

  • 3.What are the benefits of remote device management?

    One major benefit of remote device management is that there is no need to physically handle each device to ensure that it is work-ready. Through remote device management software like Mobile Device Manager Plus, admins can also carry out device management tasks in bulk, thereby eliminating the time-consuming process of configuring one device at a time.

  • 4. How do you remotely troubleshoot mobile devices?

    If a work device is reported to be facing an issue, there is no need to have the device shipped back to the office. Instead, IT admins can view the device's screen through the Mobile Device Manager Plus server, or in the case of supported Android devices control them to resolve the issue.