Enhanced mobile device security to secure corporate data. 

The increased adoption of mobile devices in organizations has improved employee efficiency but has also added to IT admins' burden of ensuring corporate data security. Admins now also need to concentrate on mobile device security in addition to securing corporate data on laptops and desktops. Mobile security management capabilities of mobile device management (MDM) solutions allow admins to simplify the mobile device security.

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus is an MDM solution that provides comprehensive capabilities to fortify mobile device security in your organization. With Mobile Device Manager Plus, you can secure Apple, Android, Windows and Chrome devices.

How can Mobile Device Manager Plus help?

Mobile Device Manager Plus provides various proactive and reactive measures to secure corporate data, devices, apps and emails. Let's take a look at various mobile security management features available with Mobile Device Manager Plus:

Data security

Securing corporate data is the main priority in every organization. If organization have embraced BYOD, ensuring user privacy is also critical.

  • Create logical containers on devices to ensure personal apps cannot access corporate data
  • Mandate encryption of data on mobile devices to secure data at rest, in use and in transit
  • Enforce stronger passcode to guard data from third-party intrusions.
  • Enable geofencing to ensure corporate data is wiped when specific devices leave a predefined geographical 
  • Secure lost or stolen devices by enabling Lost Mode on devices and performing a complete or corporate wipe to protect corporate data.

Device protection

Securing data begins with managing the mobile devices accessing corporate data. Admins can also automate the onboarding of devices and secure it by:

App security

Mobile apps are the only medium available on devices to access corporate devices. Admins should be able to provide regulated access to corporate data using these apps. 

Protect corporate network access

Protect corporate data by restricting unknown devices from accessing your corporate network. 

Secure email access

Corporate communication is virtually impossible without email. However, securely managing emails over mobile devices is a challenge for the IT administrators. Ensure corporate email security by:

  • Enabling conditional access to corporate Exchange accounts
  • Allowing users to access corporate e-mail attachments only using trusted apps or the document viewer in ME MDM app
  • Preconfiguring the corporate Exchange accounts for users
  • Ensuring secure communication with S/MIME

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