Samsung Knox Management with MDM

Samsung Knox is a defense-grade security layer built into Samsung mobile devices to enhance corporate data security by segregating personal and corporate data on these devices. In addition to enhancing corporate data security, Knox also enables IT admins to simplify the management and deployment of devices. The multi-level security options on Samsung Knox devices allow enterprises to address the security concerns in the open source Android platform. Click here for the list of devices which support Samsung Knox.

As a measure to enhance data security, Knox creates a virtual container within the device to segregate corporate and personal data on it. To access the container, the user must enter a Samsung Knox container specific password in addition to the device passcode. This creates an additional layer of security around the corporate data on the device. It also provides automated onboarding and provisioning options that ensure the Knox security capabilities are available right out-of-the-box.

This Samsung Knox Management guide covers the following:

How to manage Samsung Knox devices using a Samsung Knox Manager?

Many mobile device management solutions, act as Samsung Knox manager (Samsung Knox MDM) and allow organizations to manage Knox devices and put these capabilities to the best of use. Mobile Device Manager Plus is a comprehensive MDM solution which allows organizations to manage Samsung Knox devices and provides extensive support to Knox security capabilities. These MDM capabilities for Samsung Knox devices can be categorized into three parts.

Here's how MDM manages Samsung Knox devices and complements the Knox security capabilities:

How to enroll for Knox Management using Knox Mobile Enrollment?

Knox Mobile Enrollment is an out-of-the-box enrollment method which ensures compatible devices get enrolled with MDM on first boot-up, right after unboxing the devices. The complete enrollment process is automated and requires no user intervention - similar to Google's Zero Touch Enrollment for Android devices. 

For organizations performing large scale enterprise device roll outs, manually enrolling device after device is a cumbersome task. Knox Mobile Enrollment lets you enroll devices in bulk and also skip initial setup steps, ensuring users can begin using the device without having to configure the initial setup steps.

Another benefit for the devices enrolled using Knox Mobile Enrollment is mandatory management. In case users try to hard reset their devices, management will still be retained in them. This holds good even for misplaced or stolen devices; ensuring unauthorized personnel cannot use them. MDM also provides other proactive and reactive methods to secure misplaced or stolen devices

For the complete step-by-step procedure and prerequisites to perform Knox Mobile Enrollment using MDM, refer to our help document.

Knox Container using Mobile Device Manager Plus

Knox Management in Mobile Device Manager Plus (MDM) provides precise control of corporate data accessed by employees along with flexible mobile device management operations, without compromising on data security. By deploying Samsung Knox compatible devices using MDM, IT Administrators can

  • Activate Knox containers in employees' personal devices automatically.
  • Configure policies to secure corporate data inside the container.
  • Secure the container with robust protection.
  • Deploy required applications in the container.

With MDM, all these operations can be performed from a unified console. However, the only prerequisite to create a Knox container is to purchase Knox Workspace Licenses by creating a Knox Portal Account. Learn more here.

Knox containers ensure sensitive business data and user's personal data are demarcated, enabling the IT admin to have complete control over the work profile while having zero control over the user's personal profile. Here's how a Knox container is depicted on a device. 

Samsung Knox container with MDM

With regards to supported policies for the Knox container, MDM lets you define parameters to secure the container using a passcode; configure E-mailExchange ActiveSync accountsimpose restrictions to disable device level features and functionalities.

For organizations using custom enterprise apps for their specific needs, MDM lets you add and distribute them into devices equipped with Knox containers. Availability of custom apps for employees regardless of using personal devices enhances productivity, with zero compromise towards security.

How to setup Knox Container?

To setup a Knox Container on Knox-supported Samsung devices using MDM, these are the steps to be followed:

  • Create a Knox portal account and purchase licensesCreate an account in the Samsung Knox portal using your corporate email ID and purchase the required number of licenses.
  • Upload licenses to Mobile Device Manager Plus: The purchased licenses can then be uploaded to the Mobile Device Manager Plus server console to facilitate distribution to managed Samsung devices. You will be required to enter the license key and its expiry date on the MDM server.
  • Distribute licenses: Once the required Knox licenses are added to the MDM server, you can choose whether you want to distribute them automatically or manually. Picking automatic distribution, will result in Knox licenses getting distributed to Knox devices upon enrollment. Manual distribution will facilitate the admin to select the managed Knox devices to which the licenses have to be distributed.

When a valid Knox license is distributed and applied to a device, a Knox container will be created within it, facilitating the user to securely access corporate apps and files within that space.

Configure Knox Service Plugin

Knox Service Plugin is an OEMconfig app developed by Samsung that enables enterprise devices to access advanced security configurations, restrictions and features as soon as they become available, even before they are incorporated into the MDM solution. Mobile Device Manager Plus simplifies the distribution, installation, and configuration of the Knox Service Plugin app on devices to provide them with the latest Knox Platform for Enterprise features without requiring any additional integration. Learn more about how you can configure the Knox Service Plugin here.

Why Samsung Knox management?

Mobile devices, though simplify corporate data access, also pose unique challenges to organizations, such as greater risk of loss and theft, complex mobile malware etc. Knox provides organizations that have adopted mobility, the perfect solution to secure corporate data on mobile devices. Here are a few benefits offered by Samsung Knox:

  • Hardware-based security: Samsung Knox devices are designed to ensure all round data security, including hardware and OS level security. The device integrity is verified immediately upon device boot up and is regularly checked for malware. If a malware is detected, Samsung Knox immediately restricts the access to business-critical data.
  • Data Segregation: With organizations moving towards the bring your own device (BYOD) trend, employees now access corporate data on personal devices. Therefore organizations must containerize corporate and personal data for effective management of sensitive business data on corporate devices. Samsung Knox provides an in-built container on devices to ensure corporate data cannot be accessed by unauthorized personal apps or malicious apps

Due to the enterprise-grade security features offered by Knox, these devices are being increasingly adopted in organizations. To ensure seamless Samsung Knox management, IT admins are deploying Samsung Knox manager or Samsung Knox MDM, to onboard devices and distribute all the required corporate configurations, apps and documents.

Benefits of Samsung Knox MDM

Using a Samsung Knox MDM for management offers various advantages. Some of the benefits of a Samsung Knox MDM are:

  • Quick and easy deployment: By integrating with Knox Mobile Enrollment, MDM solutions can ensure zero-touch deployment of Knox devices managed by the organization.
  • Robust management of device: By creating Groups based on roles, hierarchy, or departments in organizations, IT admins can ensure all the required configurations and apps are available on the devices, immediately upon activation.
  • Additional support for configuration policies: MDM solutions support an extensive list of configuration profiles for Samsung Knox devices that complement the advanced security features on these devices. These configurations can be enforced on devices with no user intervention.
  • Comprehensive control over devices: With additional features such as Geo-tracking and Remote Control, organizations can simplify device maintenance with Samsung Knox MDM solutions.

Overview of Samsung KNOX Management

What is Samsung MDM?

Managing Samsung devices to exercise organizational control over them constitutes Samsung Mobile Device Management (MDM). Samsung Knox simplifies various aspects of Samsung MDM with benefits like automated enrollment, integration with MDM tools and mandatory management.

Which devices have Knox security?

Not every Samsung device comes with in-built Knox compatibility. Refer to this link to know exactly which Samsung devices are Knox-capable.

How does Samsung Knox work?

Data on Knox devices is strongly encrypted, ensuring sensitive information is always protected even if the device is powered off. Moreover, the segregation of business and personal data in the form of a password-protected container, provides users with two distinct workspaces on one device, allowing access of corporate information on-the-go in a safe and secure manner.

Is Samsung Knox safe?

Knox ensures maximum protection of data by using defense-grade security measures that are in par with security standards set by government organizations around the world. Further, Knox has also been approved and certified to fulfilling security requirements by various global organizations, making it trustworthy.

Is Samsung Knox free?

The Knox platform is free for individual users since it is a part of the device. Business enterprises wishing to explore every feature that Knox has to offer can do so through the free trial after which they will be required to purchase license keys.

What is Knox E-FOTA?

This Knox tool allows organizations to gain control over the software updates remotely, allowing to selectively dispatch enterprise firmware over the air (E-FOTA).

How to use Samsung Knox?

You can make use of Knox on the Samsung devices in your organization through an MDM solution like Mobile Device Manager Plus which integrates with the Knox portal, making device enrollment and management seamless.