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Here's how you can deploy Shared iPad


Enroll devices into Apple DEP


Enable devices to be provisioned as Shared iPad upon activation



Modify device settings and enforce restrictions


Distribute work-ready devices to your users

Here's how Shared iPad can benefit your organization

  • Integrate Apple Business Manager with Mobile Device Manager Plus for seamless device purchases and zero-touch enrollment, after which you can comprehensively manage these devices from a single console.
  • Secure devices from cyber-threats and the corporate data on those devices by automating app-based VPN connections, restricting connections to only your organization's WiFi network, distributing authentication certificates to devices, and more.
  • Prevent sensitive device data from being leaked by enforcing USB restrictions, blocking automated device backups, and allowing corporate files to be accessed only through trusted apps.
  • Enhance the device user's experience by configuring SSO. You can also allow users to sign in to their account on a Shared iPad using their Entra ID(formerly Azure AD) credentials.
  • Enable employees from different shifts to use the same set of devices, each with their own separate workspace—enabling you to do more with less.
  • Integrate Apple School Manager with Mobile Device Manager Plus for seamless device purchase, enrollment, and over-the-air management. Further, devices will still remain under management even if they are accidentally reset.
  • Enhance smart education and create a distraction-free learning environment by restricting any device functionalities that are not needed in your classroom. Also leverage the Apple Classroom app to lock device screens during class, and to allow the teacher to view student device screens when needed.
  • Provide each student with their own workspace on the device, facilitating more students to benefit from smart education, even when you need to work with a limited number of devices. In case a student doesn't have an account, they can still be allowed to use the Shared iPad through Guest Mode.
  • Allow students to download learning resources only from the school's domain.
  • Keep track of the location of the Shared iPad from the Mobile Device Manager Plus server console to trace devices that go missing.

Here's what you can manage on Shared iPad


Manage and restrict device functionalities—like device camera, microphone, Siri, etc.—and ensure that these restrictions cannot be modified on the device by the end user. Configure your organization's network details on devices for easier connection and automate the establishment of a VPN connection whenever work apps are accessed.


Mandate restrictions to a variety of features—including USB connectivity, clipboard functionalities, automated backups, and AirDrop—to prevent data leaks. Apply web content filters to prevent malicious domains from being accessed, and even configure a Global HTTP proxy to route HTTP traffic through a proxy server for added security. Users can be enabled to login to their workspaces using their managed Apple ID or Entra ID(formerly Azure AD) credentials, thereby ensuring only authorized users can access a managed device.


Distribute and silently install App Store and enterprise-developed apps on devices without any manual intervention by the device's users. These apps can later be remotely removed from the device if they are no longer needed. You can also ensure device users download work files only from trusted and safe domains by setting up managed domains.


Enable mandated management to prevent organization devices from being factory reset and misused. Also keep track of the location of devices and execute commands like remote locking and data wiping in case devices are lost or stolen. You can also modify a device's wallpaper to suit your organization's theme and have the device's information displayed on the screen in case of a physical audit.


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We have been using Mobile Device Manager Plus for over a year now, and it has assisted us in staying compliant with our organization's security and compliance policies. We are able to safeguard our customer data, track our devices, and implement policies over the air.

Syed Ahmad Rasool Sr. manager of technology security, Vodafone

Mobile Device Manager Plus is a powerful safeguard against the threat of corporate content coming into the wrong hands. This robust solution enables us to centralize all mobile devices on the same console as a web-portal which is segmented by countries. The access for local IT teams in each country is restricted to the mobile devices in their respective country, ensuring better security.

Abdoul Karim Barry Systems engineer, Microcred Group

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