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A trusted solution to manage the entire life-cycle of network configurations.

Network Configuration Management made easy with ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager (NCM)

As networks increase in size, maintaining configurations becomes mundane in nature, causing difficulty and decreased transparency. Failing to notice an underlying configuration issue will cause adverse effects and will disrupt the smooth functioning of your network devices. Moreover, it is a bigger challenge to keep the configurations up to date, and manual configuration changes can lead to errors and inconsistencies. Although, configuration management tools provide temporary fixures, they fail to recognize the root of it. With Network Configuration Manager, you can achieve in-depth network configuration, change and compliance management, identify faults with real-time alerts and introspect your network with a hawk's eye.

Third party evaluation - See how Network Configuration Manager is rated in the market!

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Network Configuration Manager
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Licensing - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager (NCM) vs Solarwinds NCM

Network Configuration Manager follows a device-based licensing model with its base price at $ 714. Solarwinds NCM follows a node-based licensing model where 1 node equals 1 device. Although, the licensing models are similar, Solarwinds starts at $ 2995 which is costlier than ManageEngine's Network Configuration Manager. 

Feature comparison between Network Configuration Manager and Solarwinds NCM

Network Configuration Manager
Solarwinds NCM
Support for Linux OS platform
Yes, Network Configuration Manager works on both windows and Linux.
Not supported by Solarwinds Network Configuration Management Tool
Scheduling configuration operations
Yes, Configuration activities can be scheduled on an hourly, weekly, daily and one time basis.
Yes, but hourly scheduling is not available in Solarwinds Network Configuration Management Tool .
Automatic rollback option
Yes, in critical devices you can enable roll back option and changes will not get reflected in devices which has the roll back enabled.
Not Available
Configuration Comparison
Yes, side-by-side comparison of configuration versions of the same device and different devices are possible and the changes are highlighted. Devices can be easily selected using IP address and configuration version.
Yes, but the selection process of configuration versions is tedious in Solarwinds Network Configuration Management Tool .
Firmware upgrade
Yes, Firmware can be upgraded in many configurations at one go using Configlets.Moreover you can create custom firmware upgrade templates for any device type easily.
Yes, but a user has to give "confirm" option manually for every node for the firmware upgrade to complete in Solarwinds Network Configuration Management Tool .
Automatic remediation during compliance violation
Yes, it is available as an individual product and also with OpManager as an add-on.
No, in Solarwinds Network Configuration Management Tool it can be purchased as separate product only.