What is Firewall Analyzer?

Firewall Analyzer (FWA) is a network security management tool, which allows you to monitor traditional firewalls, next-generation firewalls, virtual firewalls, proxy servers, VPN, IDS and IPS for security, compliance and bandwidth. Moreover, it is vendor-agnostic and supports more than 50 plus firewall vendors.


Get one-stop visibility into your key network parameters using customizable dashboards.


Receive color-coded, threshold based alarms to stay on top of your network issues and take immediate remedial action.

Workflow automation

Automate first level troubleshooting steps and repetitive, laborious maintenance tasks with IT workflow automation.


Get complete visibility into your network inventory and the status of devices for immediate and effective action.

Device snapshot page

View critical metrics like availability, performance, alarms, graphs specific to a device, in-detail with device snapshot.


How FWA complements Network Configuration Manager

While Network Configuration Manager takes care of your network Configurations, you can use FWA to extend your scope over monitoring firewall configurations, logs, policies, internet activity, VPN, compliance etc. This combo can help you manage the entire lifecycle of your network configurations and improve your network security!

Firewall policy management

To prevent network attacks, it is critical to manage your firewall policies. FWA helps you achieve this by analyzing rule anomalies, reordering rules and identifying unused rules. It also allows you to see how a new rule can impact your network with rule impact analysis.

Network security enhancement

FWA captures anomalous security events happening in your network and provides possible vulnerability fixes by studying the severity of the event. On top of that, it monitors the internet usage of your employees and identifies internal threats in your network.

VPN infrastructure monitoring

FWA monitors your network's VPN connections for possible bandwidth constraints and security threats. With VPN log, traffic and security reports, FWA ensures to block unwanted traffic and raises alerts in case of forced entries by analyzing failed VPN logins.

Firewall forensic analysis

FWA lets you mine the security incidents using the advanced search of raw Firewall logs. This makes security incident mining easy, which is otherwise a task with huge manually effort. By analyzing these security threats, you can take corrective measures immediately.

Firewall compliance audit

FWA has an integrated compliance management system that automates your firewall compliance audits. It also provides reports on major regulatory mandates such as PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, NIST, NERC-CIP, and SANS, to prevent loopholes.

Alerts and notifications

FWA automatically sends notifications to administrators in the event of security breaches or unusual traffic. These alerts are in the form of email, SMS or a tool that can initiate other action. Alerts for bandwidth users are also sent out in real time when bandwidth usage crosses a certain threshold.