Add an AD Domain



Configuring Domain Details

To add a domain:

  1. Go to Settings → User Management → Windows Domain→ Add Domain.
  2. In the Configure Domain Details tab, enter the Domain Name.
  3. Also, enter the Domain Controller name.
  4. Select Enable Auto Login.(This option can be given if a user exists in the Active Directory. This will automatically create a user in Network Configuration Manager for that account during the user's first login attempt)
  5. Once, enable auto login is selected:

    • Select either All Users or Selected Groups.
    • All Users: The auto login will be enabled to all the users.
    • Selected Groups: The auto login will be enabled only to the groups you specify. Note: Configure one Group Name per line. The names are case-sensitive and should be configured as given in your AD.
    • Select the permissions that you want to assign - Operator (limited control) or Administrator (full control)
  6. Select the Time Zone (For NetFlow Reports) and click on Next to give the scope.
  7. In the Scope tab, You can provide this user an access to specific devices/device groups or all the device groups. If All Devices are selected, the user will have access to all the devices in Network Configuration Manager. If specific devices are selected, the user will be able to view and manage only those devices.
  8. Click Save.

A new domain will be created.

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