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Users perform various operations on device configuration such as backing up the configuration, uploading configuration to device, enabling real-time change detection etc., To ensure security aspects, it is essential to record the information on who invoked what operation, on what device, at what time and the result of the operation. This is done by the Audit module of Network Configuration Manager and this is termed as "Device Operation Audit".

Besides, information about the various scheduled tasks executed by Network Configuration Manager along with details such as schedule name, result of execution etc., are listed by the Audit Module under "Schedule Audit".


Viewing Operation Audit Details

As stated above, Operation Audit provides the following information:

  1. Operation Name & Status (Backup, Upload, Enabling Configuration Change Detection, SNMP Configuration etc.,)

  2. Invoked by whom - by SYSTEM or by a USER

  3. Time of Execution and

  4. Detailed message about the outcome of operation. In case of operation failure, the reason for the failure.

To View Operation Audit Details,

  1. Go to "Inventory" and click the required host name.

  2. Operation audit details would be listed in the UI under 'Audit history'

Alternatively, to view the audit records pertaining to a specific device, you can use the "Device Audit" link by going to "Reports" >> "Network Reports". This will show the audit records of a specific device.

The Audit Details page gets refreshed every five minutes.


To filter the Audit Trails view,

You can restrict the view page of audit trails to view only the trails pertaining to a device group. By default, audit trails pertaining to all device groups recorded today gets listed. You can filter and view the details in accordance with your needs. You can filter the trails by selecting the desired "Device Group" from the drop-down.



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