Cisco APIC device backup


Steps to take Cisco APIC device backup

Follow the steps given below to backup a Cisco APIC device using Network Configuration Manager (NCM)

  1. Stop OpManager service.
  2. Open "system_properties.conf" under "<opmanager-home>/conf" folder in wordpad with administrator privilege.
  3. Add below system property and save it.
  4. Start OpManager service.
  5. Contact NCM Support to create a device template for Cisco APIC.
  6. Once the device template is ready, import it to NCM.
  7. Add Cisco APIC device with newly imported device template and provide dummy credentials for that device in NCM. If Credentials are not provided, NCM will not perform the backup operation.
  8. In the Cisco APIC device, schedule configuration file transfer to NCM TFTP / SCP server location "/tftp_files/APIC". Whenever the file is received in that location, NCM automatically fetches the file and save it in its database.
  9. File name should be in below format:
    NCM_<IP Address>-<yyyy-mm-dd>T<hh-mm-ss>.tar.gz
    Example file name: NCM_192.168.50.140-2020-02 -06T17-48-06.tar.gz
  10. Once NCM receives the file, the backup operation will automatically be performed

Note: Configuration file backedup by NCM cannot be viewed because it is in tar.gz format. Configuration file can be exported.

To list files under "TFTP Files" in NCM

  1. Transfer the file to "/tftp_files/UCS". Once the files are transferred or moved to the mentioned folder. The files will be listed under "TFTP Files" in NCM GUI.
  2. User can download the file from NCM GUI.

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