What is NetFlow Analyzer?

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer (NFA) is a complete traffic analytics solution that allows you to monitor network bandwidth performance and traffic in real-time. The capabilities of this solution is diverse, providing you deep visibility into specific applications, users, ports, and conversations to identify top traffic destinations, bandwidth consumption etc.


Get one-stop visibility into your key network parameters using customizable dashboards.


Receive color-coded, threshold based alarms to stay on top of your network issues and take immediate remedial action.

Workflow automation

Automate first level troubleshooting steps and repetitive, laborious maintenance tasks with IT workflow automation.


Get complete visibility into your network inventory and the status of devices for immediate and effective action.

Device snapshot page

View critical metrics like availability, performance, alarms, graphs specific to a device, in-detail with device snapshot.


How NetFlow Analyzer complements Network Configuration Manager?

While Network Configuration Manager (NCM) manages all your configuration changes and takes backup, you can use NFA to gain insights on traffic and bandwidth. As NFA uses flow technologies for monitoring, you can easily export these flows from NCM and start monitoring all your interfaces and keep bandwidth issues at bay. You can also achieve an integrated management of configurations and bandwidth.

Bid adios to bandwidth issues

Monitor your network's bandwidth usage in real-time. From the flows imported from NCM, you can easily identify where bandwidth consumption is high, the top talkers in the network and set threshold-based alerts when bandwidth usage exceeds a certain limit.

Monitor traffic patterns

NFA tracks behavioral patterns and manages traffic proactively and keeps your network secure from zero-day attacks, internal threats, and unknown worms. It also drills deep into traffic behavior and usage by applications, users, and their conversations.

Capacity planning reports

NFA helps you plan the future needs of your organization by assessing the traffic patterns and bandwidth utilization over a time period with capacity planning reports. These reports provide traffic patterns based on volume, speed, utilization, and packets.

Advanced forensics reports

NFA's forensic report provides details on specific parameters such as traffic, apps, source & destination address, DSCP etc. at any specific instance. You can troubleshoot network incidents faster and drill deeper into any particular element’s traffic based on raw data information.

Prioritize and shape traffic

With NFA's ACL policies, you can block certain traffic. With CBQoS monitoring, you can validate QoS policies and avoid congestion by optimizing traffic. This helps you maximize resource utilization by effective bandwidth allocation for critical apps.

Identify anomalies in your network

To prevent DDoS attacks and unauthorized scans, it is critical to manage flows entering your network. Using Advanced Security Analytics Module, you can gain a wholesome view of your network security threats in a single glance.