What is OpUtils?

OpUtils is a unified IP Address and switch monitoring solution. It provides a holistic view of your network device connectivity by end-to-end switch port mapping and automates your network address space management, with real-time IP address scanning and monitoring. With diverse network tools, OpUtils aids you in troubleshooting your IP and interface issues with ease.


Centralized management of your IP addresses including IPv4 and IPv6, with real-time scanning, Active Directory integration and more.

Rogue device detection

Proactively secure your network from intrusion with Rogue Device Detection feature of OpUtils. Scan your network regularly to detect rogue devices and block them if needed.


Remotely wake up your network devices with OpUtils’ Wake on LAN tool. Supports both manual and scheduled wake up allowing you to group machines, and more.

Network tools

Monitors critical network resources, real-time status updates and aids in troubleshooting with alerts.


Threshold based alerts via email and SMS, notifying you about the crucial network status changes.


How OpUtils adds value to Network Configuration Manager (NCM)?

While NCM provides you with effective management of your network configurations and compliance, OpUtils help you monitor your network address space and interface utilization. It automates tedious network tasks like periodic network scanning, IP address tracking, and device to switch mapping, aiding you in enhanced network management from a single console.

Real-time IP monitoring

OpUtils provides centralized IP monitoring, allowing you to analyze your network’s IP Address space utilization, availability, and allocations, enabling you to monitor and manage IPs and subnets. You can drill down to device specific details like, MAC address, location, last alive time, and more

End-to-end switch port mapping

OpUtils automates the manual work of discovering devices plugged into each port of a specified switch. It enables you to gain visibility into the IP, MAC, status and availability of ports. You can view specific aspects of interfaces, including its port operational status, availability, and port speed.

Instant alerts and notifications

OpUtils proactive monitoring, scans your network continually for any IP or interface related issues. It raises threshold-based instant alerts and notifications, in case of any network events like status changes, lookup failures, and utilization issues. You are notified via your console, email, and SMS.

Remote Booting with Wake on LAN *

OpUtils’ Wake on LAN provides a remote booting functionality that enables you to start your network devices remotely. You can remotely boot or schedule automated booting of a single device or a group of devices in your network, along with automatically updating their status and last alive time.

Diverse network tools

OpUtils provides a variety of 20+ network tools that help in debugging and troubleshooting your network issues with ease. It provides tools for network discovery, diagnosis, address resolution, SNMP pings, and monitoring system utilities, for fixing connectivity issues, packet losses, and more.

IP and Interface specific reports

OpUtils provides a comprehensive set of granular reports based on IP and switch port performance metrics. You can audit your network performance and resource availability with OpUtils reports giving you details about the available IPs, reserved IPs, usage summary, interface speed, and more.