Network Management

  • Network Management for MSPs

    Manage customer networks with ease using OpManager MSP. Proactively monitor the performance, health, and availability of your clients’ networks.

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  • Network Performance Monitor

    Comprehensive network performance monitoring tool specially designed and developed for managed service providers. Identify and fix performance issues before they blow out of proportion and cause downtime.

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  • Router Monitoring

    Real-time router monitoring to measure bandwidth, traffic, troubleshoot WAN issues and ensure network availability.

  • Switch Monitoring

    Monitor your client's switches for availability, utilization, and performance. Troubleshoot issues in switch ports and map devices connected to it.

  • WAN Monitoring

    Analyze, detect, troubleshoot issues in WAN links in multi-client environments and also generate reports.

  • VoIP Monitoring

    Proactively monitor client's VoIP performance, locates and resolves call issues, packet loss, latency etc.

  • Windows Process Monitoring

    Continuously monitor processes in windows infrastructure across multi-client networks and ensure constant uptime and optimum performance.

  • VPN Monitor

    Monitor VPN connections in your client's network and data transmission over VPN tunnels. Track health, performance of all VPN links effectively.

  • Printer Monitoring

    Monitor printers in your client's network remotely. Track availability, performance, status of the printer and send alerts if an error is encountered.

  • Cisco UCS Monitoring

    Monitor Cisco UCS environment in your client's network 24/7. Keep track of critical metrics like performance, health and availability effortlessly.

  • IBM Monitoring

    Monitor IBM devices in your client's network constantly to prevent any error or performance degradation. Also automate troubleshooting and generate reports for deep analysis.

  • Syslog Monitoring

    Monitor incoming syslogs in your multi-client infrastructure seamlessly, associate alerts and notify admins in case of trouble. Supports devices from multiple platforms.

  • SNMP Trap Monitoring

    Monitor over 300 SNMP traps per second in your multi-client infrastructure with rule-based and comprehensive trap monitors. Troubleshoot trap queries in real-time and draw inferences with reports.

  • WLC Monitoring

    Monitor your client's Wireless LAN controller, its SSIDs, access points and get required visibility into their performance and health.

  • URL Monitoring

    Gain information about availability and health of the URLs in the client's network and troubleshoot issues on individual servers for faster website response.

  • Hardware Monitor

    Monitor your client network's hardware components for performance, health and also detect, troubleshoot errors efficiently.

  • CPU Monitor

    Monitor critical CPU metrics in your client networks such as health, performance, availability, speed and more.

  • Packet Loss Monitoring

    Constantly monitor your client's network for packet loss, detect issues and notify. Also, generate visual reports.

  • WMI Monitoring

    Manage windows devices in your multi-client network by monitoring devices, servers, interfaces etc. with WMI monitoring protocols.

  • Network Monitoring Dashboards

    Proactively monitor and view the critical metrics of your client network devices in a single pane of glass.

  • Network Visualization

    Visualize your client's network for monitoring uptime, device dependency, identify network errors and allocate technicians for troubleshooting.

  • Network Performance Monitoring

    Monitor your multi-client network in real-time with over 2000 performance metrics. Gain visibility into the larger picture with powerful visualization tools and insightful reports

  • CPU Temperature Monitor

    Track temperature of CPUs in all your client network devices by monitoring its temperature, fan speed, power supply etc. round the clock.

Server Management

  • Server Performance Monitor

    Monitor the availability, health, uptime status, and performance of Windows, Linux, VMware, Hyper-V, Nutanix, and XenServer virtual server environments of your client's infrastructure.

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  • VMware Monitoring

    Monitor VMware servers in your client networks for performance and eliminate critical issues with 70+ VMware performance monitors.

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  • Virtual Machine Monitoring

    Get insights on the performance of host servers. Track memory utilization, VMs, hosts, networks and data stores.

  • Hyper-V Monitoring

    Monitor hyper-V devices of client's network to provide visibility, track resources across multiple hosts/guests, notify performance set backs.

  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure Monitoring

    Constant monitoring of critical metrics like bandwidth, latency and CPU usage in your client's hyperconverged infrastructure by leveraging SNMP

  • File/Folder Monitoring

    Monitor file and folder in your client's network for availability, size, age and track any updates made.

  • Service Monitoring

    Monitor services like DNS, IMAP, SMTP etc. for availability and response time in your client networks.

  • Process Monitoring

    Proactively monitor and manage critical processes in your multi-client network. Identify and resolve issues remotely.

  • Nutanix Monitoring

    Monitor health, hosts and VMs of your client's Nutanix environment efficiently and also view all the data at once in a single console.

  • Exchange Monitoring

    Monitor exchange servers in your multi-client networks for health, availability etc. constantly. Visualize in real-time, detect the issue and act upon it instantly.

  • FTP Monitoring

    Monitor FTP, SFTP or FTPS services round the clock in your client networks. Track critical metrics, gain in-depth visibility into the services, alert instantly and forecast using reports.

Fault Management

  • Fault Management

    Robust network fault management software specifically designed to enable MSPs offer state-of-the-art fault detection and troubleshooting services.

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  • IT Workflow Automation

    Automate basic L1, L2 troubleshooting and maintenance operations in your multi-client environment with over 70 workflow checks and actions.

  • Network Automation

    Automate arduous and repetitive tasks in client networks such as device discovery, configuration, network mapping. Automate logging tickets and also basic fault management with code-free workflows.

  • Service Level Management Dashboards

    Visualize all the services in your multi-client network in a centralized console. Prioritize and troubleshoot proactively to ensure service level agreement is not exceeded.

Storage Management

  • Storage Monitoring

    Monitor critical storage devices in your client networks including track tape library, storage RAIDs, fabric switch. Forecast storage capacity and plan its consumption.

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