Network Maps, Reports and Best Practices

These were the questions asked during 'Network Maps, Reports and Best Practices' training.


  • If I am using layer 2 discovery and it discovers all the devices on my network, how will it affect my license ? I only want to monitor critical devices.No.Devices listed in Layer2 map will not be considered for license unless imported in OpManager
  • How do I set threshold for WAN interfaces terminating on my firewall?We can set the threshold for the interface traffic, error & discards.This can be done by accessing the interface snapshot page and clicking the green box provided on the right side of the page. Navigate to Threshold settings and associate thresholds for utilization, errors and discards.
  • How do I get opmanager to send notification if xenserver storage goes below a limit? For example, 100GB?We need to configure the threshold in the template. If needed, we will send you the steps in email.
  • I cannot find VMware-Datastore template in my opmanager --> settings --> configuration --> device templates. Or do I need to configure each datastore separate?VMware-HostSystem template will have the datastore related monitors. You can configure the threshold values and apply it to the required host machines.
  • Can you explain Seed Router?Seed device is the Core switch or a Router which is SNMP enabled. Opmanager will query the seed device to know its neighbours.
  • What function is behind setting the business view for a report?Business view is for grouping. It helps the user to get the report only for the devices in that group (business view)
  • Is it possible to present a report (result) on a dashboard or map? Or a Link to the report?We can create a report and show it under widgets (inside dashboard).
  • Is it possible to create own reports to netflow data analysing?Yes.
  • Is the traffic generated by this process significant on a LAN?No. We will send you the exact traffic generated via mail.
  • Does OpManager automatically backup?OpManager has a .bat/.sh file to take database backup. You can use Windows Scheduler or Linux cronjob to automate it. The backup will be stored under the OpManager installation folder.
  • Will users who are restricted to only certain business views, be able to create rule engines that automatically add devices to their business views, so they can see and manage those devices?Rule engine will be available only for admin (all devices). BView admin can make the changes only on the devices inside that view, i.e. after discovery.
  • How do I create a device list report that includes custom fields?Go to Custom reports -> choose 'Inventory'-> select the custom fields and save the report. You can view this report under 'Inventory' in Reports tab.
  • Regarding the Threshold Details reports, do they include only performance monitor thresholds or any monitor that has thresholds?The threshold reports include all performance monitor thresholds, but they don't include packet loss and response time thresholds.
  • How can I get scheduled bandwidth report for an interface?Go to Interface Snapshot page -> click on 'Reports' tab -> 'Generate bandwidth report'. From here you can get your reports scheduled.
  • How do I decrypt the backups if I want to export them?The config backup gets decrypted automatically when you export them.
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