Dashboards and widgets, business views, 3D data-centre and reports

These are the questions asked during Dashboards and widgets, business views, 3D data-centre and reports Training


  • How do I get opmanager to send notification if xenserver storage goes below a limit? For example, 100GB?We need to configure the threshold in the template. If needed, we will send you the steps in email.
  • I cannot find VMware-Datastore template in my opmanager --> settings --> configuration --> device templates. Or do I need to configure each datastore separate?VMware-HostSystem template will have the datastore related monitors. You can configure the threshold values and apply it to the required host machines.
  • Can you explain Seed Router?Seed device is the Core switch or a Router which is SNMP enabled. Opmanager will query the seed device to know its neighbours.
  • What function is behind setting the business view for a report?Business view is for grouping. It helps the user to get the report only for the devices in that group (business view)
  • Is it possible to present a report (result) on a dashboard or map? Or a Link to the report?We can create a report and show it under widgets (inside dashboard).
  • Is it possible to create own reports to netflow data analysing?Yes.
  • Is the traffic generated by this process significant on a LAN?No. We will send you the exact traffic generated via mail.
  • Does OpManager automatically backup?OpManager has a .bat/.sh file to take database backup. You can use Windows Scheduler or Linux cronjob to automate it. The backup will be stored under the OpManager installation folder.
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