Dashboards and widgets, business views, 3D data-centre and reports

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Nov 15th, 2017
11:30AM EST | US, Mexico, UK & Canada
Duration: 1 Hour

In this session, we'll go over customising OpManager's dashboard with widgets of your choice, layer 2 maps, business views etc.,


  • Dashboards & widgets

    Learn to customise the dashboard of OpManager with custom widgets, real time widgets and more.

  • Business views

    Learn how to find out a problematic device visually using business views of OpManager.

  • Google maps

    Learn how you can use Google Maps API to place the monitored device exactly on to the geographical location.

  • Rack builder

    Know how to create virtual racks with the devices populated on it. These virtual rack shows the live health status of the devices that are mounted on it.

  • 3D Data-centre

    Learn how to create an exact replica of your data-centre with all the racks. The data-centre is also dynamic in showing the health status of devices in each rack.

  • Network maps

    Know how you can automate network mapping; visualise and pinpoint network outages and performance degradation.

  • Mobile Apps

    Get to know the mobile apps that let you monitor your network on the go.


Name : Sharath Babu

Role : Evangelist, ITOM suite, ManageEngine

Expertise : ITOM consultation, implementation and training. 

Experience : 4 yrs

Hobbies : Gadgets, Travelling and Music

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  • How do I get opmanager to send notification if xenserver storage goes below a limit? For example, 100GB?
  • I cannot find VMware-Datastore template in my opmanager --> settings --> configuration --> device templates. Or do I need to configure each datastore separate?
  • Can you explain Seed Router?
  • What function is behind setting the business view for a report?
  • Is it possible to present a report (result) on a dashboard or map? Or a Link to the report?

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