Fault management and IT automation

These are the questions asked during Effective Fault Management & IT Automation Training


  • When using consecutive times, does it use the interval to check, or does it check more often if it is violated. Like CPU goes to 90 percent and threshold is 85 and the interval is 5 minutes. If I set consecutive times to 2, would that mean it would have to be above 85 for 10 minutes?It is based on monitoring interval. Yes, that is correct. If you set consecutive times to 2, it would have to be above 85 for 10 mins.
  • How much traffic does this generate if we are looking at a more frequent time, like every minute so you could see if the spike lasts like 2 minutes instead of 10.If it is within LAN, this traffic is negligible.
  • I didn't understand the combining of traps from different alarms he just went over. Is there a link for me to read about this?Yes. those two trap processors should have a common failure component entry.
  • Can you make the failure compenent entry anything you want, or does it need to match something?Anything. But, to have meaningful name, we recommend to combine both the trap processor name. $_Source_trapname1_Trapname2.
  • In setting up snmp traps on my netscaler, it is asking for a community string entry. Do I need something in there, or leave it blank or?OpManager doesn't need SNMP string(autentication) for processing traps. You can leave it blank.
  • Where do I find unsolicited traps?Alarms page-->Events-->Funnel filter-->Unsolicited traps
  • I have found that when the notification profile is created, missed poll set to 1, and criticial check it will not send a notification. As 1 missed poll is not critical. Is this not right?yes. It is configured to send for attention severity. 1 poll missed: attention, 3 poll missed: trouble, 5 poll missed= critical.
  • I would like to know if a server produces an 'unusually' high amount of any sort of error within a short period of time, say ten minutes. Is there a way to monitor if an event log records a set number of errors in a given time? Example: Notify me if a OPManager records 500 errors within a 20 minute time period.If it is eventlog or traps, then you can use 'Event Flood Notification' feature.
  • Does devices have to be configured in a certain way, for Event logs to go to OpManager?No. No need to configure anything on the end device for event log monitoring.
  • My event log widgets show No data. for all or specific deviceHope the event log is configured on the devices successfully. Please let me know if you wish to spare sometime with our technical team in a remote session. We will check this on a screen sharing session and help you fix this.
  • On the netscaler it has public in there, when I clear it and save it, it still has public, will this block opmanager from getting the traps?No. OpManager will process this trap.
  • Why we cannot change the condition of Ream value when it's grayed out?You can change the rearm value. But the condition shown on the rearm value will be greyout as its depended on the attention,trouble and critical severity's condition. Example: If its > (greater than) for attention,trouble and critical then rearm will be <=.
  • how can we automate the clear/acknowledge of the alarms ? or for the specific alarms or devices ? Yes, we can do it using workflow. We will be covering this feature shortly in the webinar, through which you can get more details on how it works and how to configure it.
  • Can i make CPU, RAM and HDD alert in OpManager?Yes you can configure thresholds to the respective monitors and when it violates the threshold, you will get an alert.
  • Can i use SNMP trap to get data of CPU, RAM and HDD?If the device can generate Trap events with such information, yes you can very well capture using Trap data. You have to configure Trap Processors for this and capture the same in OpManager.
  • Can I schedule a downtime based on few servers, based on Custom fields?You can able to choose few servers and do downtime schedule. But not based on custom fields filters.
  • You mean few server by using "Device", right?You can manually choose devices or you can add few servers which you like in Business view and you can directly choose that particular business view and do downtime schedule.
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