Effective Fault Management & IT Automation

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Nov 8th, 2017
11:30AM EST | US, Mexico, UK & Canada
Duration: 1 Hour

In this session we'll see how to configure the thresholds for each parameter, the violation alarms, notifications for each violation criteria and IT workflows & Automation for repetitive tasks.


  • Alarm severity levels

    Learn the different severity levels, the colour codes and symbols for each level in OpManager.

  • Threshold Violation Alarms

    Learn to configure thresholds for groups and individual devices & its' best practices.

  • Eventlog Alarms

    Get to know about creating custom eventlog alarms, configuring eventlogs etc.,

  • Syslog Alarms

    Know the method of forwarding events from OpManager as syslogs to other NMS Software.

  • Notifications

    Learn the various notifications and mediums available in OpManager.

  • IT Workflow Automation

    Learn how to automate the repetitive tasks and schedule tasks in OpManager.


  • Name : Suresh
  • Role : Evangelist, ITOM suite, ManageEngine
  • Expertise : ITOM consultation, implementation and training. 
  • Experience : 10 yrs
  • Hobbies : Gadgets, Travelling and Music

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  • When using consecutive times, does it use the interval to check, or does it check more often if it is violated. Like CPU goes to 90 percent and threshold is 85 and the interval is 5 minutes. If I set consecutive times to 2, would that mean it would have to be above 85 for 10 minutes?
  • How much traffic does this generate if we are looking at a more frequent time, like every minute so you could see if the spike lasts like 2 minutes instead of 10.
  • I didn't understand the combining of traps from different alarms he just went over. Is there a link for me to read about this?
  • Can you make the failure compenent entry anything you want, or does it need to match something?
  • In setting up snmp traps on my netscaler, it is asking for a community string entry. Do I need something in there, or leave it blank or?

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