Reviews on OpManager's new Fluidic v2 GUI
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OpManager gave the exact information we were looking for such as virtualization, top conversation, Qos, backup changes in the router, and the total number of IP/Ports used.

Smoky Mountain LME/MCO -

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​​The new OpManager v12 looks awesome… very impressed! Well done to your team! I managed to import the hyper-v server.

- Tekgem

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This seems to be really impressing and will be cool stuff to put on the big screen.

- Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City

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Easy to use and pretty straight forward configuration and it brings all the needed information visibly.


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I've downloaded and installed the new OpManager v12 and I must say, it is AWESOME! It seems much more functional than the previous version, as well as more sleek looking (just in time for Win10). More importantly, the Hyper-V host monitoring is much better too, with accurate Hyper-V server information pulling through. I've literally just added one of our Hyper-V hosts on there so far so I still need to fiddle around.


  • Network monitoring dashboards

    Network monitoring dashboards

    As soon as you login, OpManager's customizable dashboard gives you an immediate snapshot of your complete network health and devices that need your attention. Over 100 widgets provide you the real flexibility and insights you need to manage your network.

  • Network discovery

    Network discovery

    Add devices that you wish to monitor quickly using OpManager's automatic network discovery.

  • Interface Monitoring Templates

    Interface Monitoring Templates

    Similar to device templates, here is a list of supported interface types with pre-defined threshold points. Both device and interface templates can be used to apply your monitoring policies across similar device types.

  • Automatic Network Mapping

    Automatic Network Mapping

    Spot the network performance bottlenecks quickly with automatic Layer 2 and Layer 3 network mapping from the seed device to an end node.

  • Custom maps

    Custom maps

    Create your own custom maps. Group devices as you want it to be with the desired background image viz., logical grouping, geographical grouping, a rack view or even a business service view.

  • Google map

    Google map

    Leverage Google Map's API to get a bird's eye-view of your complete enterprise network with each node’s current health status.

  • Quick configuration

    Quick configuration

    Apply your organization's monitoring policies across multiple devices at once using quick configuration tools.

  • Router Infrastructure view

    Router Infrastructure view

    Get a quick snapshot view of the routers and interfaces health with links to drill down to the device or interface.

  • Interface performance monitoring

    Interface performance monitoring

    Monitor network traffic and link performance with easy-to-comprehend reports for every network interface/ port in your network. Displays availability, traffic, bandwidth utilization, errors, discards, total bytes received and transferred packets per second.

  • Network traffic analysis

    Network traffic analysis

    Detect who is occupying most of your bandwidth, is it your applications or some users (source and destination) with bandwidth analysis module. This module supports NetFlow, sFlow, cflowd, J-Flow, IPFIX, NetStream, NBAR and CBQoS technologies.

  • WAN RTT dashboard

    WAN RTT dashboard

    At a glimpse, understand how your key WAN links are performing over an intuitive dashboard: shows availability, WAN link latency and bandwidth information.

  • WAN Graph

    WAN Graph

    Find the root cause for WAN link delays in a flick with OpManager's WAN hop-graph; Lets you know whether the latency is induced at your ISP's infrastructure or within your manageable network boundaries.

  • Voip dashboard

    Voip dashboard

    Monitor your VoIP link proactively by leveraging Cisco IP SLA; presents the top call paths, MOS, Jitter, packet loss and latency.

  • Network configuration management

    Network configuration management

    Effect automatic network configuration backup and versioning along side configuration comparison for your network devices and roll back to trusted version in a click with Network configuration management module.

  • Sever monitoring

    Sever monitoring

    Assess how your servers are performing in terms of their availability, resource utilization (CPU, Memory and Disk) and traffic. In case of a problem, troubleshoot using network monitoring tools such as ping, trace route, web and RDP session. OpManager supports monitoring Windows, Linux, Solaris HP UX, IBM AIX and other UNIX-based OSes out-of-the-box.

  • Vmware


    Monitor your virtualized infrastructure by leveraging VMware's API. Here is a dashboard that shows the VMware performance statistics for each Host and Guest instance in-a-snap

  • Hyper-V


    In addition to the existing VMware ESX monitoring, OpManager now supports hyper-v monitoring with over 40 deep metrics on the availability and performance of Hyper-V hosts and guests.

  • Exchange Monitoring

    Exchange Monitoring

    You don’t have to drill down each parameter on your exchange server to verify its performance. OpManager’s Exchange Dashboard gives you the overall insight you need in a comprehensive console; supports monitoring exchange 2000/ 2003/ 2007/ 2010.

  • Active Directory

    Active Directory

    Let OpManager automatically identify the domain controller in your network and associate all the monitors with industry recommended threshold points. The dashboard shows you the quick snap of Active Directory performance.

  • MS SQL

    MS SQL

    Similar to Active Directory and Exchange, OpManager displays performance monitors for MS SQL in an intuitive dashboard; supports monitoring SQL 2000/ 2005 and 2008.

  • Other Service and Application Monitors

    Other Service and Application Monitors

    OpManager has a host of services and essential applications monitoring functionality viz. monitoring of TCP services, Windows services, Processes, URLs (HTTP/ HTTPS), Scripts and Files/Folders.

  • Alarms View

    Alarms View

    Find out what’s happening in your network with the list of recent alarms, current device status, which technician is looking after an alarm et al. You can also filter these to see alarms from a specific group like Syslog, Event Log and SNMP Traps.

  • Alerts


    Configure OpManager to send you an alert via email or a text message to your mobile phone in the event of a network fault. You can even trigger a self-healing script /patch automatically for an event.

  • IT Workflow Automation

    IT Workflow Automation

    Automate first level troubleshooting steps and repetitive laborious maintenance tasks through our powerful IT workflow engine. This helps you to reduce MTTR and MTBF, streamline execution and thereby increasing efficiency.

  • Reports


    A sample report, showing options on the top right side to export as PDF or XLS or to email this report instantly. You can also find choices to schedule this report or add it to your favorite reports.

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