Integrating OpManager with ServiceNow

If you have ServiceNow installed in your network, you can automatically log trouble tickets from OpManager for specific network faults. So, besides the provision to email, sms, or notify fault in other forms, you can also track the faults by logging trouble tickets to ServiceNow. This helps in issue tracking.

For logging the trouble ticket to ServiceNow correctly, you need to ensure the following:

  1. ServiceNow Settings must be configured in OpManager
  2. A notification profile to log a trouble ticket to ServiceNow must be configured and associated.  

Configure Server Settings

 Following are the steps to configure the ServiceNow and OpManager Server settings:

  1. Go to Settings → General Settings → Third Party Integrations → ServiceNow and configure the following values:

    • ServiceNow URL: The URL for your ServiceNow Connection
    • ServiceNow UserName & Password
    • Ticket Settings:
      • If alert re-occurs: Instruct OpManager to perform an operation if an alert re-occurs. Create new ticket will raise the alert as a new ticket in ServiceNow while Re-open closed ticket will re-open the ticket raised for the corresponding alert in ServiceNow.
      • Clear alarm in OpManager when an Incident is closed/resolved in ServiceNow: Automatically clears the alarm when the corresponding incident is closed / resolved in ServiceNow. (or)
      • Midserver: Choose the Midserver name from the dropdown. It establishes the connection between OpManager and ServiceNow.
    • CMDB CI Settings: 
      • Sync devices to ServiceNow: Add existing devices from OpManager to ServiceNow.
      • Sync newly discovered devices in future: When new devices are added in OpManager, automatically add them to ServiceNow.
      • Remove CI from ServiceNow when a device is deleted from OpManager:Remove a device from ServiceNow when it is removed from OpManager.
  1. Click on Save to save your configurations and complete the integration process successfully.
  2. Click on Sync now to sync the Assets from OpManager with ServiceNow using the saved configurations.