OpManager Communication Protocols for Storage Devices

OpManager supports a wide variety of storage devices and monitors the devices for performance, availability and capacity utilization.

ManageEngine OpManager follows different protocols to communicate with the devices and fetch the required details.

OpManager Communication Protocols for Storage Devices


Storage Management Initiative Specification is a storage network management interface developed by SNIA (Storage Network Industry Association) to support storage network management for a multi vendor based storage system.

It offers a common set of monitors that are applicable to a wide variety of storage devices in the network, making storage monitoring easier.

SMI-S uses the port 5989, as the the default HTTPS port and 5988 as the default HTTP port.

NetApp API

NetApp is a type of storage device used by enterprise organizations to handle large data in physical and cloud environments. NetApp API is the protocol used by OpManager to communicate with these device. (In order to understand NetApp API read about the Restful API below)


The storageApi is the protocol used to communicate with storage devices. (Refer RestAPI below)

Restful API

API is an application program interface, it is a language used to establish communication between applications. Restful API is a type of API, this protocol is used to fetch data or use the data. It uses the HTTP type of request to access the data. Rest API communication occurs between client and server. This protocol uses the GET, POST, PUT or DELETE commands to fetch, create, add or delete the data respectively.

Note: OpManager uses only the GET and POST API methods to handle data.

Other Protocols Used

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