Monitoring Resources Using CLI

OpManager monitors the system resources using SNMP by default. However, in the absence of SNMP on the devices, the non-SNMP Linux devices can be monitored using CLI, ie., Telnet or SSH.. All the Unix Servers templates have the resource monitors preconfigured. All you will need to do is disable the SNMP monitors associated and select the CLI monitors and associate them to the required devices.



For monitoring the unix servers, make sure either Telnet or SSH is enabled on them.


Steps to configure Telnet/SSH Monitoring

  1. Go to the snapshot page of any device you wish to monitor.
  2. From Monitors → Performance Monitors section, remove the SNMP-based monitors if any.
  3. Click Add Monitor tab.
  4. Now, from the list of resource monitors, select the CPU, Memory, and Disk Utilization monitors which has the protocol name as CLI against the monitor name.
  5. Click Add Monitors. The monitors are added in the template under the Monitors column.

The CLI-based monitors are associated to the device.