Monitoring of Hitachi TagmaStore Series Storage Systems in OpManager

OpManager provides monitoring and management of Hitachi TagmaStore Series storage systems

Models Supported

  • AMS 200
  • AMS 1000
  • AMS 1500
  • AMS 2100
  • AMS 2300
  • AMS 2500
  • WMS 100
  • NSC 55
  • USP
  • USP-V (or) HP XP24000
  • VSP
  • HUS 130,150

For monitoring the TagmaStore arrays, OpManager uses two methods.

  1. Monitoring via SNMP
  2. Monitoring via SMI-S Provider

Monitoring via SNMP :

Features supported (when monitored through SNMP)

Inventory DetailsLogical DetailsMonitorsReport Details
  • Raid Controllers
  • Raid Controller Ports
  • LUNs
  • LUN Host Mappings
  • InterConnects Info
  • Raid Controller Status
  • Raid Controller Port Status
  • Availability Reports
  • LUN Performance

Prerequisites for monitoring Hitachi TagamaStore Arrays through SNMP

  • Ensure that SNMP agent is running in the Hitachi TagmaStore device
  • Register OpManager server IP address as trap destination

Monitoring via SMI-S Provider

Features supported (when monitored through SMI-S)

Inventory DetailsLogical DetailsMonitorsReport Details
  • Array Controllers
  • Array Controller Ports
  • Disk Drives
  • Components
  • Array Groups
  • Storage Pools
  • Storage Volumes
  • LDEV Info
  • Array Status
  • Controller Status
  • Controller Port Status
  • Drive status
  • Storage Pools status
  • Storage Volumes status
  • LDEV Status
  • Components Status
  • Capacity Summary

Prerequisites for monitoring Hitachi TagmaStore Arrays through SMI-S

OpManager uses Hitachi SMI Provider to monitor the Hitachi Array

This Provider can be installed on any server that is reachable from the server where OpManager is installed.

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