Monitoring and Management of IBM ESS Shark series in OpManager

OpManager provides monitoring and management of IBM ESS Shark series

Models Supported

  • ESS 2105-800
  • ESS 2105-750
  • ESS 2105-F20

Features supported

Inventory DetailsLogical DetailsMonitorsReport Details
  • Array Controllers
  • Array Controller Ports
  • Disk Drives
  • Storage Pools
  • Storage Volumes
  • Interconnects Info
  • Array System status
  • Array Controller status
  • Drive Drive status
  • Storage Pools status
  • Storage Volumes status
  • Capacity Summary
  • Availability Reports

Prerequisites for monitoring IBM ESS Shark Array

OpManager's IBM Monitoring uses the IBM Common Information Model (CIM) Agent for ESS to monitor the IBM ESS Shark Array

The IBM ESS CIM agent can be installed on any server that is pingable from the server where OpManager is installed

IBM CIM agent install requires esscli utility is already installed in the server

The ESS CIM Agent is downloadable from the IBM site at

Installation details for the ESS CIM Agent are available in the above page itself

Disable DigestAuthentication by setting DigestAuthentication flag to false in file
Note : Default directory is C:\Program Files\IBM\cimagent

Start the ESS Provider service CIM Object Manager - DS Open API from the Windows services menu

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