Know which user or application is generating most traffic

With traditional SNMP-based monitoring you don't get visibility into who or what applications are using that 15 GB of OUT traffic.

Network traffic analysis & troubleshooting

OpManager's NetFlow Add-on leverages flow-based

network traffic analysis

to show you how exactly your bandwidth is being utilized through interface-specific reports on which user, application, source, destination, conversation etc is occupying bandwidth. With the NetFlow add-on you can now:

"The new Netflow add-on proved invaluable in troubleshooting a recent VPN outage. I highly recommend both OpManager and the Netflow add-on"

Scott Heckman,
Senior Network Engineer at one of Maine's largest healthcare providers

The NetFlow Add-on is now integrated with OpManager in single exe, enabling both collection and analysis of various flows such as netFlow, JFlow, SFlow e.t.c..

Gain in-depth information on network traffic composition

Know what your network traffic is comprised of through reports on top applications, hosts, protocols, DSCP etc. for every link and for any configurable IP based group. You can analyze your network traffic over multi-vendor routers and switches through the NetFlow Add-on. Supported network protocols include NetFlow® version 5, 7 and 9, sFlow®, cflowd®, jFlow®, IPFIX®, NetStream® and Cisco® NBAR technology.

Gain in-depth information on network traffic composition

Use advanced application recognition

The NetFlow Add-on's ability to map applications by combining IP Address, Port and Protocol enables you to know in detail about your applications using the network bandwidth. Further, you can also identify applications (e.g. Skype) that use dynamic ports using Cisco's Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR) and ensure that these do not consume huge bandwidth.

advanced application recognition

Did you know?

You can also disable switch ports through OpManager. So once you identify the host causing the traffic jamming, you can get into the switch monitoring dashboard in OpManager and from there disable the port connected to the troubling host.

Troubleshoot bandwidth problems

The NetFlow add-on supports custom application mapping which helps you extract accurate network traffic utilization reports. You can know exactly what applications have been using bandwidth and for how long, you can also further drill-down to see the top hosts using those applications. In case of worms, virus or Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks, the NetFlow add-on facilitates quick problem isolation and resolution to bring down your Mean Time To Resolve.

Troubleshoot bandwidth problems

Validate network QoS policies

The Cisco CBQoS add-on helps you qualify the QoS policies set on the router and ensure that the right type of traffic gets priority in the network. By studying the traffic composition at pre-policy and post-policy together with the resultant dropped traffic, you can easily judge effectiveness of the implemented QoS policy.

Validate network QoS policies

Make important capacity planning decisions

The NetFlow add-on allows you to create powerful custom reports to analyze bandwidth usage trends in detail e.g. bandwidth used by a specific host/ network accessing an application during a particular week. By creating IP address based departments / divisions and filtering based on applications and interfaces, you also get critical inputs for enterprise bandwidth capacity planning.

Make important capacity planning decisions

Have your own bandwidth billing system

You can now rest your suspicions of being overcharged by cross-checking ISP charges with your own billing system available with the Billing feature. You can also associate bandwidth costs to each department in your organization to help you plan well with allocated bandwidth budgets. This feature in NetFlow helps you to account your bandwidth by assigning costs to usage (volume-based) or bandwidth (speed-based).


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