Why this webinar might interest you?

ManageEngine OpManager is tailored to perfection to meet your organization's network monitoring needs. However, the extended functionalities of OpManager up-skills your monitoring journey by tracking bandwidth, firewalls, IPs, switch ports, configurations, applications and much more - all of it from a single console. Learn hacks from our in-house experts on expanding your monitoring capabilities with OpManager.

What can I expect from this session?

This immersive webinar will help you dive into the advantages your network achieves after integrating OpManager add-ons. OpManager, as a standalone software has diverse features to help your network perform well. However, the in-house add-ons extend your organization's scope of monitoring. How? That the very purpose of this webinar.

Here is a sneak-peek of the add-ons offered along with ManageEngine OpManager.


    Traffic and Bandwidth management

    Perform real-time flow-based bandwidth monitoring and understand the network traffic pattern and bandwidth usage. Recognize traffic sufficiency to critical business applications and manage traffic congestion effectively.


    Change configuration management

    Automate configuration, compliance and policy based changes and detect the who, what and when of configuration changes. Restore to the correct configuration version within minutes and ensure the network devices are in proper functioning state always.


    Firewall and log management

    Monitor the firewall logs and shield your network from any malicious software by managing the firewall rules. With real-time log data, create meaningful bandwidth, compliance and security reports.


    IP Address and Switch port management

    Manage IP addresses in your network, map devices connected to specific switch ports and monitor the availability of the switch ports in real-time. Monitor IP addresses and switch ports holistically from a single console.


    Applications management

    Monitor heterogeneous mix of applications across physical, virtual or cloud infrastructures - including application servers, databases, websites, cloud resources, containers. Integrating Applications Manager with OpManager lets your monitor deep layers of your network including associated applications.

Our Speaker

  • Aiswarya Giridharan

    Product Consultant, ManageEngine

    Aiswarya Giridharan is a Product Consultant for ManageEngine ITOM, specializing in OpManager, that's enabled NPMD and ITIM teams worldwide for over 15 years. She's an ardent advocate for customer success and plays a crucial role in supporting our customers via educational resources and training that enable them to horizontally scale product usage to maximize ROI and achieve greater visibility into every area of their IT stack.

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