What is OpUtils?

OpUtils add-on is a tool which performs centralized management of the IP address space and switch ports. It also helps to detect rogue device intrusion, monitor network device availability and raise timely alerts on crucial network events etc. Additionally, it provides SNMP ping tools, network scanners and proxy ping functionalities to streamline network troubleshooting processes.

Threshold based alerts

Set thresholds based on utilization, duration, and frequency, and get notified in real-time.

Traffic shaping

Shape app traffic with CBQoS reports. Compare pre and post policy results. / Shape app traffic, and validate your policies with CBQoS reports. / Reconfigure and validate your policies with ACL and CBQoS.

Forensic reports

Diagnose, and troubleshoot network anomalies with Forensics reports.

Tackle security threats

Identify, classify, and tackle security threats before they affect your end users.

Plan bandwidth capacity

Predict and plan your bandwidth requirement and application growth in real-time.


How OpUtils adds value to OpManager?

OpUtils is available as a stand-alone product and as an OpManager add-on. While OpManager keeps tabs on the performance of your network devices, OpUtils complements it well by allowing network admins to detect, diagnose and troubleshoot network issues, faster. Using OpUtils as an add-on to OpManager, immensely reduces traditional and mundane network management practices and makes way for an enhanced network performance monitoring, from a single pane.

Scan IP addresses for availability

OpUtils provides a fast, flexible, and centralized management of IP addresses such as IPv4 and IPv6. It helps you detect the availability of IP addresses pertaining to a particular subnet and also lets you to enter multiple subnet inputs, allowing you to scan your entire network in seconds.

Instantly trace devices connected to switch ports

OpUtils eliminates manual tracing of the network cables by instantly identifying the switch ports to which devices are connected, with a switch port mapper. It also helps you gain visibility into the IP, MAC, VLAN, status and availability of ports.

Detect and prevent rogue device intrusion

OpUtils helps you control which devices can connect to your network by detecting rogue devices and by blocking them from accessing your network. It also notifies you every time an unknown device is detected in your network.

Boot machines remotely with Wake-On-LAN

OpUtils' Wake-On-LAN feature allows you to boot up powered off machines remotely. It also provides you an option to send the WoL packets to a specific system, or broadcast the WoL packets to whole subnets and automatically updates the status and the last wake-up time.

Troubleshoot faster with 20+ tools

OpUtils helps you troubleshoot, debug connectivity issues, packet loss and latency in a LAN environment. It provides over 20+ tools such as ping, SNMP tools, MAC address and DNS resolver, Cisco tools, DHCP scope monitor etc., to aid in faster diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Monitor bandwidth and traffic efficiently

OpUtils provides real-time bandwidth monitoring for identifying bottlenecks related to bandwidth within the network. You can monitor the network traffic utilization/ bandwidth usage both at the interface level and at the device level.

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