Monitoring server performance

These are the questions asked during Server Performance Monitoring Training


  • Can OpManager monitor the device's availability based on DNS name instead of IP address?To monitor a single device using DNS name instead of IP address, go to the device’s snapshot page click on the option button in the top right corner and select Edit device details. In the poll using option, select DNS instead of IP address.
    To monitor the availability of all your devices using DNS name, go to Settings -> Monitoring -> monitor setting and in the Poll using option, select DNS.
  • Does OpManager have dynamic threshold?Currently OpManager does not have dynamic thresholds. However, it is on our pipeline and is under development. If you have any suggestions/requests, you can let us know from this link -
  • How to get alerts if the CPU utilization of the OpManager server is above 90%?To do this, go to Settings -> General Settings -> Self Monitoring. Here you can set the threshold values for your CPU and choose to get notified.
  • I would like to search for a specific string in my logs and alert me if it matches from any of the records?To do this, go to the Settings -> Monitoring -> Files. Click on Add, under the File contains tab, enter the search string. Select Save and Associate to associate this configuration across required devices. To learn more about file monitoring, click on this link 
  • How to add Nutanix server in OpManager?The process of adding a Nutanix server is similar to adding any other virtual server. Go to Settings -> Discovery -> Add Nutanix. Enter the IP Address / DNS Name of your Nutanix device and choose it corresponding credential and click discover.
  • What are the storage devices supported?Click on the following link to get a list of storage devices supported by OpManager. https://www.manageengine.com/network-monitoring/faq/supported-devices-and-protocols.html
  • How can I monitor all the scheduled changes and maintenance done on my system?We can monitor Event Logs for Windows & Syslogs for Linux based servers. Any change in the system will generate an event which can be captured by OpManager and you can create Rules in OpManager to generate an alarm for the event.
  • Is there any option to get process wise utilization in a server?Yes, we have reports like ‘process by CPU utilization’ and ‘process by Memory Utilization’ You can view all the process details of a particular server from device snapshot page.
  • How can I monitor a Broadcast storm?OpManager helps you monitor switch ports for traffic, utilization and errors. By presenting accurate information on port traffic and utilization, OpManager helps you identify top talkers on the LAN and detect potential ‘Broadcast Storms’ and pro–actively prevent the same.
  • How to monitor live traffic of multiple interfaces of different devices and combine them in one single graph? Can we view it in dashboard ?e can view the data as a tabular information in Dashboard by adding Interfaces by Traffic and Interfaces exceeding N Mbps Traffic widgets. To view as Graphs, you can go to ‘Generate Reports’ from Interfaces inventory --> select devices and choose the Traffic monitors. But currently the option for viewing graphs in Dashboard is not available.
  • Is it possible to get only critical alerts without getting alerts classified as ’attention’ or ‘trouble’?Yes, you can directly configuring the critical alert, by leaving the other thresholds severity blank.  
  • Can we have graphical view of CPU memory and disk utilization for a particular device?You can navigate to the 'graphs' page from the device snapshot page and also from the Monitors List view page(from device snapshot page). Click on the monitor name to view the graph page.
  • Can I be perform actions like a restarting a virtual machine from my OpManager Console?Yes, you can restart a virtual machine using OpManager. There are options to turn on/off VM’s and other features too.
  • Is it possible to view the availability status of a device or interface for more than 24 hours?Yes, you can view the availability status based on time by changing the time period from the ‘Availability time line’ graph
  • Yes, you can view the availability status based on time by changing the time period from the ‘Availability time line’ graphYes. It is possible with OpManager which uses SNMP and CLI protocol to get the information from a Linux/Windows server or device.
  • Is OpManager an agent-based or agent-less monitoring solution? OpManager is an agent-less monitoring solution. We rely on remote protocols like WMI/SNMP/CLI.  
  • Is it possible to check the uptime of a device rather than relying on ping to check availability?Yes, we can do TCP port check to get the device availability if ICMP is disabled.
  • Under URL monitoring, does OpManager monitor the Single Sign On URLs?Yes.
  • How to monitor the Cloud and Mix enviornment in OpManager ?Give the proxy server details in OpManager to monitor cloud URLs.
  • Can we have any example for SSO ?Configure the user name and password for authorization. This will be required in the pages where you need to log-on and test the availability of the host. For more info click this url. http://help.opmanager.com/monitor_url_api-v12
  • How to add WMI monitors?There are default WMI Perfomance monitors already available, for any new custom monitors you can go the Device snapshot page -> Monitors -> and add custom wmi monitors from there by selecting respective WMI Class and monitors.
  • How to configure monitoring interval for devices?You can do it this Under Settings, Configuration, Monitoring intervals option.
  • Did I see that we can monitor the postgres process for OpManager? It looked like .exe, is this an option for linux as well?In Linux you can monitor using SNMP all the process that are available in that device.
  • Does file/folder monitoring require any plug-in like APM?No. It uses WMI Credentials. But if required, you can use agent based monitoring to monitor 'contains Text' option.
  • Would the OpManager server monitor itself under self monitoring or would it need to be added as a device that it polls?OpManager will add the localhost device by default. so no need to add this.
  • If someone deletes the OpManager local server do I use to rediscover it?Please use the add device option to re-add the device by IP or devicename.
  • For server monitoring, do we require only WMI? Or is SNMP also required?OpManager monitors servers with either SNMP or WMI. However, we recommed WMI for windows devices.
  • Please confirm if we can get sms/email notifications when set thresholds are reached? Yes you can use the Notification Profile feature for this.
  • Under uplink dependcy, do you set a VM to be the host and host to be the switch and the switch to be the router? No, It is not VM vs Host vs Switch situation, but you can set any device as a parent device to the device for which you are setting uplink dependency. So when a parent device is down it will not raise any alert for that child device. 
  • I have one server that i get the memory and disk information, but the cpu utilization does not show up/monitor. How to fix that?This would be based on the appropriate protocol that is in place and monitors that has been added. 
  • Do you support Lenovo servers? Yes, if the device is discovered with the appropriate protocol in place, it would set the device into the appropriate type and category from the default templates that we have.
  • I want to have a process utilization report by CPU, how do I configure it? You can go to device snapshot page -> Monitors -> Process Monitors and add the processes that you want to monitor and you will be able to monitor the cpu/memory usages of those processes.
  • Also, on the new API interface, how do i turn off the alert popup that comes up when there is an alarm on a device? Also, on the new API interface, how do i turn off the alert popup that comes up when there is an alarm on a device?
  • How to reset 'Discards rate for Interface' threshold for switches? You should be able to do this from the Settings-->Interface Template. Select the specific Interface type or under device snapshot page-->Settings-->Configure Interfaces
  • Where can I see memory modules hardware sensor data for VMware hosts? By default Hardware Monitor is disabled. You have to go to Settings -> System Settings -> Hardware Monitor to enable that. If you are still not able to monitor those, please verify the VMware credentials.
  • Is there a typical TCP port that is used to monitor servers on the DMZ? We need to make sure that the device is reachable from OpManager Server using Ping as well as open the ports required for WMI/SNMP - 135,445 & 161 for SNMP. Refer this link https://www.manageengine.com/network-monitoring/help/hardware-and-software-requirements.html#port_requirements.
  • How do you know what to pick for the uplink dependency? It is the network level dependency. If a couple of servers are connected to a switch. We need to set the switch as parent devices for all the servers. This way it would reduce the alarm flooding for all servers if the switch is not reachable.
  • For example we have a UCS with 5 blades in it and it hosts a cluster which hosts VM's. So how do you set the uplink dependency for the Hyper-V Host? As of now this is manually configured, for the HyperV host.
  • When I add vcenter, all the virtual servers will be added and license will be full. Can I add vcenter as service and then add server by server? Adding vCenter as a service is not possible but while discovering vCenter you have the option to select the Virtual Machines to be discovered, Select the required Virtual Servers alone and only those servers will be discovered.
  • How we save the configuration from switch on OpManager? You can use Network Configuration Add On available with the OpManager.
  • How to get customized reports? We have an option to create Customized reports in OpManager. You can try it from Inventory Tab by selecting devices and Clicking Generate Reports Option.
  • Is the sensor operating at critical condition on a switch Alert? This can be done using hardware monitoring in OpManager, for now we are supporting Cisco and Junpier switches.
  • Why we are monitoring services using OpManager?If your query was related to services monitoring, OpManager does a TCP port check on these machines and to see if the respective port has been up or down and alert us accordingly. To know more, refer this link : https://www.manageengine.com/network-monitoring/help/monitor-tcp-service.html
  • Can we use a specific port not default port for service? Yes, you can. You will have to create a new service monitor with the respective port name/number under Settings-->Monitoring-->Services-->Add New service to see if that helps.
  • Is there a report where within certain dates, what are the devices that are down and due to what issues? Reports can be generated by listing the down devices with availabilty percent. The failure reasons can be seen from device page.
  • How to use op mange in mobile? You can make use the Mobile App (IOS and Android) version of OpManager to know the status of the devices and the latest alarms that has been generated. To know more : IOS : https://www.manageengine.com/network-monitoring/apps.html Android : https://www.manageengine.com/network-monitoring/opmanager-android-app.html
  • In the device summary page, is it possible to remove the custom field area? If the monitor name is large we will cut off the name due to space constraint.We do not have an option to remove the custom fields area.
  • Can I create a custom report for only 1 device? Yes. From inventory, select device and click Generate reports to the right top and select the monitor that you want in report and generate.
  • How to configure a switch for only have traps when uplink is down and not user port? We do not have an option to specify the port to generate an alarm for..WE will receive traps from device and cannot specify to receive traps from specific ports.
  • Why is a value is higher on SNMP and not on WMI? WMI is preferred as SNMP is based on the response for the default OID we use for Monitoring the Server..There would be difference in Partition monitors values using SNMP.
  • Is file and folder monitor available to Linux too? We currently support fie/folder for Windows Servers alone using WMI and Linux is not supported. We can write scripts and monitor the same using Script monitoring in OpManager.
  • Whats the minimum permissions required to monitor VMware? Read only user privilege is enough to monitor the VMWare related Servers but if you want to do some more tasks like reboot, power off , we need administrator user privilege.
  • When will OpManager support EMC unity devices? EMC Unity Storage devices are currently supported from OpManager build 123280 onwards using CLI...If you are running older build please upgrade to latest for the device support.
  • Can I have Datacenter Environmental sensors added to the OpManager? We do not have an option to add environmental sensors in OpManager.However we can monitor the hardware sensors for Dell/HP Servers using SNMP.
  • Can I automate and configure the same dependency for all switch? We do not have any way to automate the same ..however we have an option to set dependency for bulk devices at once . For that we need to go to Settings -- Configuration -- Quick Configuration Wizard -- Device Dependency
  • Can OpManager check AD network shares like netlogon and sysvol? We will not be able to directly monitor the Network shares on AD...How ever if you have any script that can monintor these we can add it as a script monitor in OpManager.
  • How can I monitor all the scheduled changes and maintenance done on my system?We can monitor Event Logs for Windows & Syslogs for Linux based servers. Any change in the system will generate an event which can be captured by OpManager and you can create Rules in OpManager to generate an alarm for the event.
  • What brands of UPS is supported out of the box?We support quite a few UPS brands. You can find the complete list under Settings-->Configuration Device Templates. Apart from the brands listed, OpManager also allows you to monitor any other custom UPS brand provided it has SNMP enabled.
  • We do monthly maintenance (patching) on a lot of servers. Does OpManager have a way of importing a list of assets to mark as in maintenance mode for a period of time?OpManager has a facility to schedule downtime under Settings -> Configuration-->Device Downtime Schedule where you can select a list of devices ( assets ) which needs to marked as Maintenance mode.
  • Will file and folder monitoring also record audit meaning when a user modifies the file or folder?You can configure OpManager to alert whenever a user modifies a file / folder.
  • Can we get down statistics with graphical represntation for a custom period?Yes, we can get the downtime statastics for a custom period.
  • Is there a way I can get a report of Microsoft windows updates deployed on servers ?We are having Windows Event log Monitors, Once on configuring to those devices, we can genearate reports for that Under reports -> Health and performance -> Event log reports
  • Can you monitor a Server availability and performance through V-host without being able to reach the server itself ?We can monitor performance monitor without reaching the server directly from HyperV host but for availability we need the server to be reachable
  • How to add credential to a specific device?Go to inventory click on the device for which you want to configure credentials then click on the "Click here to change option" configure the required credentials and save them
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