Monitoring and Management of SUNStorEdge Arrays in OpManager

OpManager provides monitoring of SUN StorEdge storage systems

  • SUN StorEdge 6920
  • SUN StorEdge 6120

Features supported

Inventory DetailsDSP DetailsMonitorsReport Details
  • Disk Drives
  • Storage Volumes
  • Storage Pools
  • Ports Info
  • Disk Drives
  • Volumes
  • Domains
  • SCSI Info
  • Ports Info
  • Drive status
  • Storage Pools status
  • Storage Volumes status
  • Domain status
  • Port status
  • Capacity Summary
  • Availability
  • Performance statistics

Prerequisites for monitoring SUN StorEdge Array

OpManager uses StorEdge 6920 SMI Provider to monitor the SUN StorEdge Array

This Provider can be installed on any server that is reachable from the server where OpManager is installed

Ensure that, SMI Provider running host and the OpManager installed host are connected via Fibre Channel

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