ManageEngine Updates ADSelfService Plus; Standardizes and Streamlines Network Directory Updates

Relieves Administrators of Many Maintenance and Support Tasks

AUSTIN, TX, March 11, 2010 ManageEngine, makers of a globally renowned suite of cost effective network, systems, applications and security management software solutions, today announced a new version of ADSelfService Plus, a web-based self-service solution that allows end-users to reset their password and update their information in Active Directory without requiring intervention from the help desk. The new version also puts more control in the hands of administrators, allowing them to standardize the format of end-user profiles, while automating user enrollment, ensuring quick user adoption of the solution following deployment.

The new version of ADSelfService Plus offers a great deal more control over the type of information end-users must enter when updating Active Directory. Administrators may customize a directory-update interface, bringing uniformity to the data that’s required. For example, administrators can build an interface mandating end-users fill-in important information, such as alternate contact details, something that is usually skipped during a directory update. Or, administrators can regulate or limit end-user input by providing them a list of entries to choose from, rather than have them enter data manually. These controls ensure directory information stays accurate and in compliance with organizational standards, while sparing administrators a great deal of time and effort.

Most importantly, administrators or helpdesk technicians need no programming skills to construct these end-user interfaces. With ADSelfService Plus, the IT professional simply drags GUI elements from a store and drops selected elements onto the application’s layout designer. In this way, no special programming skills are required and interfaces are quickly developed.

Administrators can now ensure end-users adopt the product as soon as it has been deployed. Earlier, end-users were required to register with the ADSelfService Portal to use its services. In this new version, administrators just upload a CSV file with the users’ registration data and complete the enrollment stage in a single step.

"ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus made users self-sufficient and put an end to cost/time of support for tasks such as lockouts and password resets,” said Rob Buck, CIO, HomeBanc N.A.

The enhanced ADSelfService Plus announced today was designed to offer increased security as well. All communications between the management application and directory are now encrypted using the LDAP protocol, making data transfers impervious to “man-in-the-middle” attacks.

“It’s well known that the volume of work administrators and help desk technicians handle is only increasing,” said Manikandan Thangaraj, Product Manager, ADSelfService Plus. “ADSelfService Plus is designed to alleviate some of the pressure by empowering end-users while enforcing organizational policies. Small and mid-size businesses, as well as the larger enterprise, will find the software a good fit.”

Pricing and Availability

ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus is available in English and French and can be downloaded now from the ManageEngine website. Pricing starts at US$1.19 per user for the Standard Edition and US$2.59 per user for the Professional Edition. Volume discounts are available. A 30-day trial with full functionality is also available for evaluation.

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