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Accordion Shortens Product Development Cycle and Time-to-Market By Choosing AdventNet Internet Management Infrastructure Solution

AdventNet, Inc., the Internet Management Infrastructure Company announced today that Accordion Networks, Inc. has chosen its flagship product AdventNet Web NMS as the management infrastructure to provide manageability for its product suite.  Accordion builds highly innovative and scalable next generation access solutions for Integrated Communications Providers (ICPs) worldwide.

"AdventNet was the only vendor that provided Accordion with a quick-to-deploy management software for our solution that is a competitive differentiator in the telecom environment" said Rajan Aiyer, Vice President, Marketing.  "As a start-up company, we were looking for a cost-effective management infrastructure that could be adopted in our products quickly and easily.  At the same time, we also wanted our ICP customers to be able to deploy the management features in our products easily and quickly in their environment", added Rajan.

The AdventNet Web NMS management infrastructure has positioned AdventNet as  an undisputed leader to provide Web-based network management software.  AdventNet Web NMS has become the de facto management infrastructure of choice by developers in small, start-up, enterprise, and telecom organizations where network management expertise is not a core competency.

AdventNet WebNMS is a modular Java based infrastructure for quickly building custom element management (EMS) and network management (NMS) systems for devices that support SNMP, Web or CORBA interfaces.  Modules available include auto-discovery, network maps, event logging, MIB browser, SNMP/CORBA data collection and thresholds, HTML reports, RDBMS integration and event correlation. Both the client and server are fully configurable and run on several platforms. It lets Device Vendors, Systems Integrators, VARs and in-house NMS developers build scalable, full-fledged network management software in a fraction of the time it would take to develop without these tools.

"Accordion was precise in setting their product design requirements", said Neil Butani, Vice President of Business Development at AdventNet.  He also added, "We are very pleased that the open, scalable, standards-based features offered by AdventNet Web NMS  satisfied both the Accordion developer and customer requirements.  I am also equally pleased that both parties were able to adopt the AdvnetNet technology in almost real time and very easily".

About Accordion Networks, Inc.

Accordion Networks is a privately funded Silicon Valley start-up focused on building highly innovative and generation solutions for ICPs worldwide.  Their solution will inter-operatewith a variety of access technologies including xDSL, Broadband, Wireless, Metro DWDM, and cable modem.

Founded in August 1999, the company's core team comprises of talent drawn from organizations such as Lucent, Nortel, ADC, Premisys Communications, NET, ADC, Brooks Fiber, and Zhone Technologies.  Accordion management has a total of 150+ years of direct, hands-on experience in various technical and business aspects of the telecommunications and data networking industry.  For more information about Accordion Networks, please contact Rajan Aiyer at (510) 979-9035 or visit

About AdventNet, Inc.

AdventNet, the Internet Management Infrastructure Company, is the worldwide leader in providing Web and Javabased network management software for OEMs, ISVs and service providers. Ease of use, scalability, reliability and extensive customizability are the hallmarks of AdventNet products. AdventNet products are powering solutions in many fast growing market segments, including e-commerce application management, optical networking, cable modem, DSL, storage management, and management service providers (MSP).  AdventNet enables superior solutions with rapid time to market advantages and all the benefits of new Internet technologies.  AdventNet corporate office is located at Pleasanton, CA with offices in NJ, NH, India, China and Japan. It has a well-trained partner base around the globe and thousands of customers world-wide.  For more information call 408-578-8700 or visit 

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