AdventNet announces the release of ADManager Plus

PLEASANTON, California,July 2, 2007

AdventNet, Inc., the leading provider of affordable network and systems management software for enterprises, equipment vendors and service providers, today announced the release of ManageEngine ADManager Plus 4.1 - Active Directory Management and Reporting software for small to medium-sized enterprises.

ADManager Plus is a comprehensive web-based Active Directory Management software that supports IT Administrator and helpdesk technicians to effectively control and manage their entire windows based IT network. It simplifies the IT Administrators task by providing template based management of Users, Groups & Contacts and thus it avoids manual, error-prone administrative activities on Active Directory. It also provides web-based Active Directory Password & Account Lockout scheduler Reports through which HelpDesk Technicians can proactively reset & unlock the accounts before the Domain Users raise a ticket to them.

ManageEngine ADManager Plus 4.1 includes the following features:

  • User Management - Allows creation and modification of users in bulk on Active Directory from a CSV file or on user defined templates.
  • Group and Contact Management - Allows creation and modification of groups and contacts using CSV.
  • OU Based Administration - OU based Administration for help desk technicians to manage Specific Organizational Units.
  • Active Directory Reports - 100+ exhaustive Reports on Active Directory Users, Groups & Computers.
  • Security Reports - In-depth reports on all users passwords in Active Directory & NTFS Permissions granted to them can be generated.
  • Self-Service Portal - Employees can dynamically update their own personal details on the Active Directory.
  • Employee Search - Allows employees to search the Active Directory for other employees.

Other feature like Windows Vista compatibility, One click user attributes modification and more are integrated into the web based software solution.

"ADManager Plus has found a steady rise in its users and this can be well attributed to the robustness and simplicity it provides to the IT Administrator through its unique Active Directory Management and Reporting capabilities. With the inclusion of the new Self-Service Portal feature into the product, our current release provides the enterprise with a complete integrated Active Directory Management solution. So controlling your entire Windows Network is always going to get simpler" said Manikandan.T, the Product Manager of ADManager Plus.

About ADManager Plus

ADManager Plus strives to be the world leader in Active Directory Management and Reporting. It counts for many of the world's leading enterprises and serves a diverse range of organizations, which include a significant number in Banking / Finance / Insurance, Health care / Pharmaceuticals, Education, Hi-tech / IT / Manufacturing and Government / NGOs. The development team takes pride in serving over 500 satisfied customers which also includes several of the fortune 500 companies.

ManageEngine ADManager Plus 4.1 is available as download for Windows installations. A 30-day trial with full functionality is available for evaluation. Product pricing starts at $495. For further details on customers, pricing, technical support and the product visit our site at

"ADManager Plus benefits our organization in several ways. We use it for reporting on user access returning a very granular report. The processes it streamlines makes my time with ADManager Plus more efficient. The dashboard view helps me keep compliant with my AD details "at a glance". After 1 hour with the demo version of ADManager Plus, I put in the request to purchase. I realized that quickly that I NEEDED this product, and I hated that I had to wait." said Bill Mead, Network Administrator/Engineer,Parkview Medical Center,Pueblo, Colorado.

About AdventNet

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