AdventNet Upgrades Firewall Analyzer With Comprehensive Raw Log Search for Forensic Analysis and New Firewall Policies Usage Monitoring Capabilities

PLEASANTON, CA--(Marketwire - April 2, 2008) - AdventNet, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of Firewall Analyzer 5.0, the security and traffic monitoring tool with comprehensive Raw Log search for forensic analysis, and improved Firewall policies usage monitoring features.

Firewall Analyzer is a web-based, agent-less, firewall log analysis and reporting software that monitors, collects, analyses, archives, and generates reports on enterprise-wide Firewalls, VPNs, IDSs, and Proxy servers.

Firewall Analyzer 5 provides a versatile feature, which enables to drill down to the core level (raw logs) from reports at any level, and find the root cause of the issue with reference to the raw logs. It enables to carry out forensic analysis on the archive logs, using raw log search, and to ascertain internet-related threats (e.g. virus attack). This new feature envisages on optimizing Firewall performance by analyzing the usage of the Firewall policies, as it can fine tune or remove the policies to optimize the performance of Firewall and the network.

"If you find too much error or log, just a few clicks and you can find which source IP is generating some bad traffic into your network. With the complete message, you will rapidly find the source (Virus, Peer2peer, DNS misconfiguration or other parameter). You can also track source and destination IP, find which PC is trying to bypass the Proxy to use blocked traffic or application. If you enable the full syslog message (informational level), you can even know the protocol distribution of your traffic, and the summary of the volume by type (Mail, Web, DNS, etc.). In few words, it is a great product," said Steve Balon, Integrated Network Solutions.

"We feel that raw log search feature is a great value addition to any security monitoring tool. We are glad to give a better user-experience to the administrators by drilling down from the graph/report level to the core raw log level for forensic analysis or trouble shooting," said Saravana Kumar, Product Manager of Firewall Analyzer at AdventNet, Inc.

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