ManageEngine Beefs Up MSP Center Plus with Amazon S3 Backup

Integration with CloudBerry Lab Provides Easy to Use, Highly Reliable Cloud—Based Option for Remote Windows Server, Desktop Backup

  • MSP Center Plus gains feature—rich, managed online backup service
  • CloudBerry backup and recovery integrated into MSP Center Plus UI
  • 15—day free trial for all MSP Center Plus users

PLEASANTON, Calif. — March 06, 2012 —ManageEngine, the real—time IT management company, today announced Amazon S3 backup and recovery services for MSP Center Plus, its agent—based network monitoring software. Delivered via API—level integration with CloudBerry Lab Online Backup software, the new feature gives MSPs an easy to use and highly reliable cloud—based option for backing up and recovering customers’ remote Windows servers and desktops.

Amazon S3 offers SMB and enterprise organizations alike a highly durable, scalable and secure solution for backing up and archiving critical data. To streamline online backups to Amazon S3, CloudBerry offers a powerful backup and restore program that makes backup and disaster recovery planning simple, reliable and affordable. Now, ManageEngine lets MSPs offer the CloudBerry backup solution as a managed online backup service to their customers, delivered through MSP Center Plus.

"CloudBerry Backup provides companies of any size with simple and fast backups to the same highly scalable, reliable, secure, fast, inexpensive infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites," said Alexey Serkov, chief technology officer at CloudBerry Lab. "Now, we’re partnering with ManageEngine to extend that backup speed and simplicity to MSP Center Plus users and their customers."

Dev Anand, MSP Center Plus product manager for ManageEngine, said, "We want to make backup and restore operations fast and easy for our MSP Center Plus users. Of course, the operations also have to be reliable and secure for their customers. To deliver on all those fronts, we are working with CloudBerry. The integration we provide supports almost all the operations of CloudBerry from the MSP Center Plus web client itself. Users can install CloudBerry agents on remote Windows servers and desktops, take backups and restore data without switching between the tabs."

Streamlining Managed Online Backup and Recovery

With the CloudBerry Backup integration, MSP Center Plus lets MSPs backup files and folders on their customers’ remote Windows Server and desktop computers and store them in Amazon S3. MSPs can create backup schedules and policies with details of files and folders to be backed up. Likewise, backups can either be scheduled to run on a specified day and time or be performed immediately, on demand.

In case of any error during the backup process, an email notification is sent to NOC administrators and technicians. To restore files in case of any disaster, users have to create restore policies, similar to the backup policies containing the details of files and folders to be restored.

Additional highlights of the CloudBerry Backup—powered online backup and recovery service in MSP Center Plus include:

  • Reliability and redundancy — Unlike traditional tape and raid backups, storing data in Amazon S3 is effortless and highly reliable and redundant.
  • Security — Data transmitted from remote Windows systems to Amazon S3 can be encrypted and transferred over secure HTTPS connections.
  • Efficiency — To save bandwidth, users can compress files before uploading them to Amazon S3.

Pricing and Availability

MSP Center Plus integration with CloudBerry Backup is available immediately, and a 15—day trial of CloudBerry Backup is available for all MSP Center Plus users.

CloudBerry Backup Desktop Edition is priced at $24.99 per desktop. CloudBerry Backup Server Edition is priced at $59.99 per server. MSP Center Plus users can access the CloudBerry Lab store from the MSP Center Plus web client.

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